Sweden’s first virtual film studio

BTH has received funding to invest in virtual production. The new technology will be used for research and education, as well as in the fast-growing digital film industry.

Prototypes of the film studio have already been tested and a demo lab is already in place at BTH and soon a studio double its size will be opened.

“This is a three-year project worth SEK 20 million, with Region Blekinge and the City of Karlskrona as co-financiers with BTH. The unique technology will be used in research within digital product development, in collaboration with manufacturing industry, and in the growing film industry,” says Professor Tobias Larsson.

The new technology means access to a unique LED panel environment with computers for simulation and visualisation, camera technology, 3D tracking and robotics that can be used both by researchers and by students in different situations requiring simulation and visualisation.

“This is a unique environment that we are opening up to students, lecturers, researchers and business. Furthermore, the co-investment behind it is one-of-a-kind. It feels innovative that product developers and the film industry are doing things together,” says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Andreas Larsson.

Already this autumn, BTH will weave elements of “virtual production” into its courses and new shorter courses in the field are also planned as there is considerable demand for expertise in the field.

Investment in the virtual lab, or film studio, is being made together with the film industry, which means that students will have a clear link to it during their studies and better chances to find work in the industry afterwards.

“We believe that we can become a node of expertise in Sweden, and in the future also internationally, where people will come here to gain access to the technology and knowledgeable staff,” says Tobias Larsson.

“As we are working together with the industry, and production companies want to invest here, we will attract new students. This type of environment only exists at BTH,” concludes Andreas Larsson.

5 October 2023

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