Catharina Nord

Catharina Nord


Department of Spatial Planning, Room C 508

+46 (0) 455-385307

Nord at a glance

Catharina Nord is professor in Spatial Planning and architect SAR/MSA. For a number of years she has carried out research about care and architecture, in Sweden and oversees. She is currently the project manager for CollAGE which is a research programme on muncipality collaboration on age-freindly cities and communities. She lectures for students and professionals.


Projects & Publications

Ongoing project
CollAGE. Collaboratively developing age-friendly communities with municipality eldercare, spatial planning and Senior Citizens’ Councils
Research project in CollAGE: Co-production of local age-friendly communities. Older people as researchers: In this project, older people will be engaged as co-producers of research. They will study local interpretations of age-friendly communities with focus on older people’s perceptions of housing and care by the interviewing older people. The responsible researcher will study their work as a research project.
What places? What ageing? Ageing-in-place in contemporary African urbanities: the cases of Walvis Bay, Namibia and Jinja, Uganda. LINK TO MORE INFO.
Finished projects
The importance of architectural space for relational care for older people with great care needs. This project was a comparison of care work in extra-care housing and residential care.
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