Niklas Lavesson

Niklas Lavesson


Department of Software Engineering, Room J2333

+46 (0) 455-385675

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Niklas Lavesson is Professor of Software Engineering with specialization Applied AI and Machine Learning at Software Engineering Research Laboratory (SERL), Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) since July 2021. Lavesson has a PhD in computer science with specialisation in machine learning from BTH (2008). His research interests within basic research are focused on explainable and interactive AI-systems. Within applied research, Lavesson is interested in how to 1) use AI and machine learning to make software engineering more efficient and effective, and 2) how to pose requirements for, develop, test, and maintain data-driven AI systems which are able to make themselves understood by humans and which can collaborate with humans to solve tasks together.


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