Santosh Jagtap

Santosh Jagtap


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Room J3417

+46 (0) 55385564

Santosh Jagtap

Santosh Jagtap, Associate Professor



  • Ph.D., Knowledge Management in Design, University of Cambridge, UK
  • M.Des., Product Design, CPDM, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Karad, India

Recent Experience

Santosh works as an Associate Professor in the Product Design Research Lab at BTH. Prior to joining BTH, he worked at IIT Bombay, in the Department of Design Sciences at Lund University, Sweden and in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, Netherlands.

Selected Publications

  • Jagtap, S., & Larsson, T. (2019). Resource-Limited Societies, Integrated Design Solutions, and Stakeholder Input. She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation, 5(4), 285-303. (download the paper)
  • Jagtap, S. (2019). Key Guidelines for Designing Integrated Solutions to Support Development of Marginalised Societies. Journal of Cleaner Production, 219C, 148-165. (download the paper)
  • Jagtap, S. (2019). Design and Poverty: A Review of Contexts, Roles of Poor People, and Methods. Research in Engineering Design, 30(1), 41-62. (download the paper)
  • Jagtap, S. (2019). Design Creativity: Refined Method for Novelty Assessment, International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, 7(1-2), 99-115. (download the paper)
  • Jagtap, S. (2018). Shaping Products: Differences Between Expert and Novice Industrial Designers. International Design Conference – Design 2018. Dubrovnik – Croatia. (download the paper)
  • Jagtap, S. (2018) Intentions and Inspiration in Shaping Visual Appearance of Products: The Practice of Professional Industrial Designers in India, The Design Journal, 21:1, 85-107. (download the paper)
  • Jagtap, S., Larsson, A., Warell, A. (2017). Design for Resource-Limited Societies: Informational Behaviour of Designers. International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED-17. Vancouver, Canada.
  • Jagtap, S. (2017). Inspiration in Product Form Design: A Survey of Professional Industrial Designers. Proceedings of ICoRD 2017, Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies. Springer Singapore.
  • Aranda-Jan, C. B., Jagtap, S., & Moultrie, J. (2016). Towards a framework for holistic contextual design for low-resource settings. International Journal of Design, 10(3), 43-63. (download the paper)
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  • Jagtap, S. and A. Johnson (2011). In-service information required by engineering designers. Research in Engineering Design, 22(4): 207-221. (downlaod the paper)
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