Sravan Tatipala

Sravan Tatipala

Doctoral student

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Room J3415

+46 (0) 455-385711


Sravan Tatipala (ST) is a researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden. ST’s research interest lies at the intersection of digital product development and manufacturing processes with a focus on data-and-simulation driven approaches. More specifically, the research develops methods, tools, and approaches for supporting the conceptual design of solutions based on digital flow of information from different stages of the product lifecycle. In this context, concepts such as Generative Design, data- and simulation-driven design, digital Twin, digital thread, design automation and Industry 4.0 are relevant.

ST earned his Masters Degree at BTH, in 2016, followed by a Licentiate degree at BTH in 2019 and is currently conducting his PhD education. ST is actively involved in engineering education, teaching courses both at advanced and undergraduate level at BTH such as; simulation-driven design, structural analysis, computational engineering, and advanced solid mechanics. ST believes that it is very important to stimulate student’s ability to reflect on problems both from a theoretical and a real-life engineering perspective and is a strong supporter of the “learning by doing”. Additionally, ST loves sports, adventures, and music.

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