Torbjörn Fridensköld

Torbjörn Fridensköld


Department of Software Engineering, Room J2330

+46 (0) 455-385544



Torbjörn Fridensköld is a teacher of Software Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology(BTH), Sweden. Before the teaching time at BTH(2008-2009), Torbjörn worked with a company called UIQ where he was working as Project Office Manager for operating systems in mobile phones. Prior to UIQ Torbjorn was working at Ericsson as a manager for the Network Integration department and as a Project office manager(2001-2008). During a period of one year Torbjörn worked with an operating system at Symbian in London (2000-2001), and before that he was involved with the first delivery of Value Added Services at Ericsson called Prepaid (1996-2000). The first major delivery that Torbjörn was involved with was the Mobile system called GSM which started 1990 with a delivery to Bundes Post in Germany and was the start for mobile development at Ericsson. Torbjörn was then working with Signalling number seven SS7 as an expert and contributed with knowledge to that development for the first digital mobile delivery from Ericsson

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