Advisory and Deliberating Bodies

Advisory and Deliberating Bodies

You will find a list of all advisory and deliberating bodies at Blekinge Institute of Technology below.

Dean Group

The Dean Group oversees matters related to third-cycle studies at BTH. 

The Group includes the university’s deans, a doctoral student representative, student representative and administrator.

Board of Education

The Board of Education oversees programme syllabuses and quality assurance and development matters related to first and second-cycle programmes at BTH.

The Board includes the faculty programme directors together with the quality assurance coordinator, student representatives and administrators (responsible for programme syllabuses). It is chaired by the deputy vice-chancellor.


Education Committee

The Education Committee oversees the processes related to areas such as programme syllabuses, credit transfer and course evaluations. It also works with the strategic development of first and second-cycle courses and programmes at BTH.

The Committee includes the deans, student representatives and administrators. It is chaired by the pro-vice-chancellor.


Work Environment Committee

The Work Environment Committee is a collaboration between the employer, employees and students.

The committee focuses on work environment matters and includes the university director who is the chair, administrator, representatives from the Human Resources Office, the principal health and safety representative, two additional health and safety representatives, two student representatives and a student health and safety representative. The Committee can co-opt additional members.

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