Lärarlärdom 2022


Welcome to Lärarlärdom

The conference is aimed at teaching teachers, education developers, librarians and those who are otherwise interested in developing their knowledge of educational quality and learning in higher education. Read more about Lärarlärdom.

The conference is a collaboration between Blekinge Institute of Technology, Kristianstad University and Malmö University. We also welcome others from Lärosäten Syd to participate in the conference.

This year’s host is Blekinge Institute of Technology and the conference, which kicks off on 18 August 2022, will be in hybrid form. Read more about the hybrid form under Invitation and registration.

Theme of this year’s conference: Active academic teaching for education development

Active academic teaching, or active teacher participation, deals with the practical exercise of academic teaching and its connection to active student participation and collegiality. Active academic teaching includes the critical and systematic approach but places more focus on the teacher’s interaction with students and the colleagues. Closely related to active student participation, active academic teaching includes planning, commitment and enthusiasm, activating teaching methods, partnership co-creation and collaboration to improve the quality of teaching. Active academic teaching takes place at both micro level (the individual) and meso level (the collegial) and is characterized by a shared responsibility and a lasting cycle that contributes to the pedagogical quality development work at the university.

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