HRS4R’s process at BTH

Human Resources Strategy for Researchers process at BTH

On this page, we provide information on BTH’s work with the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R).

The HRS4R implementation unfolds in three phases:

  1. Application for HR Excellence in Research Award:
    • Initial submission for the “HR Excellence in Research Award.”
  2. Implementation Phase:
    • Execution of the Initial Action Plan (2 years post HR Award, followed by an Interim Assessment).
    • Implementation of the Revised Action Plan (3 years after the Interim Assessment).
  3. Award Renewal Phase:
    • Renewal with a site visit (five years after the initial HR Award).
    • Renewal without a site visit (3 years post the Renewal with a site visit).


BTH has submitted an endorsement letter signed by the Vice-Chancellor. This letter explicitly expresses that BTH support the 40 principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (the Charter & Code). Additionally, it demonstrates a commitment to initiate the process and participate in all subsequent stages of implementing the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R).

BTH endorsement letter

GAP Analysis, OTM-R Checklist and Action Plan

  • GAP Analysis

This GAP analysis examines the principles of the Charter & Code (C&C), aiming to understand development requirements by identifying deficiencies or shortcomings that require attention. The primary goal is to address the questions ‘where are we?’ (current state) and ‘where do we want to be?’ (target state) as an institution in relation to the 40 principles outlined in the C&C. BTH researchers and supportive research administrators have provided insights into areas where BTH will need to improve.

BTH GAP Analysis

  • OTM-R Checklist

Open, Transparent, and Merit-based Recruitment (OTM-R) Check-list, is a dedicated self-assessment tool designed to document the progress in implementing OTM-R policies and practices. Its purpose is to enhance the appeal of research careers by promoting mobility and ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates.

BTH OTM-R Checklist 2024-2026

  • Action Plan

The action plan is a series of tasks designed to guide the university in transitioning from the current state to the target state in the implementation of the 40 principles outlined in the C&C. These activities aim to tackle the identified improvement needs highlighted in both the Gap Analysis and the OTM-R checklist.

BTH Action Plan 2024-2026

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