Employee interview Marco Bertoni

Meet our employees: Marco Bertoni

At work, I enjoy the right balance of responsibility, autonomy, support and own time, which is important. Also, I feel free to take my own decisions and to follow my ideas and thoughts.

In this interview I got a difficult question to answer: “why did you choose BTH, Why Karlskrona?”. It is hard to explain sometimes. You know the feeling when things just feel ‘right’, and all pieces just fall into the right place?

Marco Bertoni, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering

My name is Marco Bertoni, and in a matter of few days (we are in June 2021) I will celebrate my first year as Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering at BTH. The place I call home is a tiny village in the lake region of the Italian alps, in the Bergamo area, a stone throw from Switzerland.

I am not a newcomer in Sweden though. My first experience with the Swedish academia dates back to 2007, when I stayed at Luleå University of Technology as doctoral fellow for a few months. That was what one might call a ‘life-changing’ experience.

Once back in Italy, I finished my doctoral studies at Politecnico of Milano and in 2008 I moved to Luleå as Post-doc, deepening my research in the product development field. In 2013 I moved South and landed in Karlskrona, here at BTH, where I am now track leader for the Value-Driven Design topic, in one of our research profiles.

Karlskrona is a very nice place to live. It is a fast-growing city and one has the feeling that things happen all the time. There is something for all tastes: tech, culture (the city is one of the few UNESCO sites in Sweden), nature, sport. I personally love taking my bike and explore the Blekinge region, this is really cycling paradise to me. Well, nowadays Karlskrona is the other place I call home.”

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