Vice-Chancellor’s Reflections

On this page I will with some regularity share thoughts and reflections regarding situations and matters that I come across in my role as Vice-Chancellor. It can be high and low, internal or external. I have no intention to give a complete description nor a representative picture of what the management is working with. Just my personal reflections.

What does academic life after corona look like?

Publicerad: 2020-08-28

So, the autumn term 2020 is already up and running. The spring of 2020 goes down in history as a time marked by great changes. First confusion, then rapidly increased spread of infection, which culminated in two weeks where the number of deaths in Sweden with established covid-19 infection were around 100 per day. By […]

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We belong to a privileged sector

Publicerad: 2020-03-24

February and March have evolved into perhaps the strangest and most unique months ever. We have been forced to make decisions to impose travel restrictions and track foreign students to an increasing extent, eventually ending up in an isolation that permeates the entire society. The consequences have been quick to follow. Many companies and social […]

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Reprisals and silence culture

Publicerad: 2020-02-12

I often talk about the importance of feedback for an organization that has the ambition to develop positively. Feedback is crucial for both the quality of what we do and for the working environment. Unless the manager finds out how things work in practice and how employees feel, it is impossible to make the right […]

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Where does research fit in the political debate?

Publicerad: 2020-01-28

This fall, the government will present a new research bill that will set the framework for the next four years. Or, rather, a research and innovation bill, as it has been the last couple of times. But the political debate is not very much about research and innovation, and in the January agreement that formed […]

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On the status of education

Publicerad: 2019-10-28

At the most reputable American universities, education and teaching have high status. It is prestigious to meet the students the first year, and it is often the most prominent researchers who get that chance. The professors have great freedom in their research, but when it comes to the teaching assignment, they have less of a […]

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Academic Ceremony and more in May

Publicerad: 2019-05-20

Wow, what a party it was last Friday when BTH held its academic festivity, and I was formally installed as Vice-Chancellor. I feel overwhelmed by all the nice words and congratulations, and of course by all our new professors and doctors; not the least our new honorary doctor Mikael Blomqvist. You make sure that BTH […]

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On collaboration and the mission of Higher Education Institutions

Publicerad: 2019-02-27

In BTH’s strategic plan, our overall assignment is stated as follows: “BTH’s mission is to contribute to sustainable development of the society through higher education, research and innovation. The university stands for quality and collaboration.” I think it is a good wording that clarifies what is expected of a university today, and in particular a […]

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Dialogue Seminar for Research Funders and Higher Education Institutions

Publicerad: 2019-01-21

I would like to start by welcoming everyone warmly to a new semester, my second at BTH. Now we are moving towards brighter times (you may interpret that in the way you want)! I am just coming from the annual dialogue seminar between HEIs and research financiers, arranged by SUHF. It is an excellent initiative […]

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An intensive first week of December

Publicerad: 2018-12-10

The first Monday in December, I was at the conference ”Aligning Strategies to Enable Open Access” in Berlin. It is an annually occurring conference, although I participated for the first time. I had been invited for my presence in the Royal Library’s working group on Open Access. There were many interesting presentations that confirmed that […]

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Investigation of Governmental Steering and Resource Distribution of Universities (STRUT)

Publicerad: 2018-11-20

Since April 2017, Pam Fredman, former Vice-Chancellor at the University of Gothenburg, has lead the investigation ”Steering for strong and responsible universities”, called ”Struten”. The task was recently prolonged, and the new final date is February 1, 2019. The investigation can be followed on its webpage (in Swedish). The purpose of the investigation is to take a […]

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