Master’s programme in Machine Learning, Sensors and Systems

120 credits

  • Period : 2025-September-01 until 2027-June-06
  • Location: Campus Karlskrona
  • Type of instruction: On campus, day-time, full-time
  • Application code: BTH-90599
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Programme syllabus: Download

Welcome letter (published 3 weeks before start)

A skill that connects two important areas

We live in a world where we depend on a multitude of complex technological systems, such as food, energy and communication systems. Future-proofing these systems requires innovation that combines different fields. The Master’s Programme in Machine Learning, Sensors and Systems brings together the disciplines of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, both of which are crucial to developing the sustainable technologies of tomorrow.

What will you study?

The programme gives you the ability to combine systems engineering skills and computer science AI skills. You will build knowledge in signal processing, control engineering, mechatronics (robotics), sensors, machine learning and AI. You will also study statistics and optimisation. This knowledge is combined in a project course and in the final degree project, which can be chosen in either electrical engineering or computer science. You will learn to recognise different solutions in different disciplines – and to decide which solution is optimal.

What does the future look like?

The programme has a strong engineering and electronics focus and aims to fill the gap between those who know systems engineering and AI experts. Skills are needed that combine AI with signal processing and sensors, among other things, and the programme provides broad expertise in these areas. The programme gives you the ability to determine when complex AI solutions are required – and when a problem can be solved by simple model-based signal processing. The structure and content of the programme is based on discussions with the companies we work with, both in research and education, and their needs and visions for the future. The labour market in the field is good and expected to grow as more and more AI solutions are implemented.


The programme is brand new and some information may be missing from this page. We’ll fill it in as soon as we can, but please get in touch if you have any questions. You can find contact details further down the page.

Courses and content


Programme manager:

Saleh Javadi

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