Dear admitted students of MSLS 2020/2021!

Given the pandemic development in Sweden in Autumn 2020, we felt that we could not sufficiently guarantee the safety of students or staff in this classroom-based programme even with measures such as social distancing and hand washing. Our teaching method at MSLS is based on Transformational Learning, a method that asks for students (and staff) to bring their entire selves into the classroom. The embodied experience of community is a critical and distinct part of the academic learning environment and the MSLS experience. We did not believe that this could have been provided adequately online and we believed it would be have been difficult even on campus with the restrictions present then.

We have therefore made the difficult decision to cancel the MSLS programme 2020/2021 which would have started in August 2020.

Now, more than ever, we see that leaders able to act competently on the societal challenges are incredibly important. We do not choose to shy away from this challenge with this decision. We will be offering a number of existing and new online courses. We will also develop MSLS further and offer an even stronger programme when it starts again in August 2021.

Student Arrival Guide

Previous classes of MSLS students have put together a Student Arrival Guide for you. The guide contains useful information on things you should know before you leave home, getting here, student recommendations on housing options and getting set up. Once you arrive, more information about life in Karlskrona will be available.

Social Media & Contact

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The MSLS Programme Team

Join the MSLS 2021 Facebook group

We have created a Facebook group for all those who have accepted an offer to join the MSLS 2021 class. Please join the group to get connected with all your future classmates and find accommodation for your year here in Karlskrona.



When will you hear from us this summer?

During the summer months (mid-June to mid-August), most BTH staff are away on holidays. While you may not receive many emails from us during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is an urgent need. Don’t worry about things such as registering for your courses, or ordering textbooks—that all happens when you arrive. Just focus on enjoying your last few months where you are, and arranging your travel plans. If possible, it is best to arrange accommodation before you arrive, although this is not entirely necessary.

In early August, we’ll post the schedule of activities for Orientation Week (24-28 Aug 2020). There will be important activities you will be expected to attend, as well as time for you to settle into Karlskrona before we begin classes and assignments on August 31st.

In mid-August, we’ll send a short pre-assignment for you to submit prior to start of class.

Your visa applications will take at least 6 weeks to be processed. If you are nearing 2-3 weeks before your planned departure date, call Migrationsverket and ask for the person working on your file. A nice, polite request will typically get your application completed so that can you travel as planned. Note that we (the MSLS staff, or even the BTH staff) cannot help with this process.

Insurance Help from BTH

If you are coming to Sweden as a non EU/EEA member and are staying less than 12 months, you previously had to find medical/health insurance before applying for your study permit. However, BTH has arranged insurance for all admitted students who study the 1-year programmes, like MSLS. There is no additional fee for this insurance.

What do you need to do? You should be receiving an email from BTH with an insurance certificate. You should bring this certificate with you when applying for your study permit.

Note: If you have a spouse or child/children coming with you, they will not be covered by the BTH insurance, and so you must arrange insurance for them separately.

Useful Information


Once you receive your official acceptance letter in the mail, please apply for your visa as soon as possible. The approval process takes a minimum of four-six weeks. Summer is also the time when Swedish immigration staff go on holidays while many international students are applying for permits, so the process has been known to take considerably longer.

One tip for applying: some previous students have been able to receive 12-month permits simply by requesting extra time for travel or extended studies in Sweden. If your permit is valid for more than 365 days, you can apply for a Swedish personal number on arrival which provides many benefits including basic health coverage, access to open bank accounts, etc. We strongly encourage you to apply for a 12-month visa.

Questions for current/past students?

A small number of volunteers from the previous year will help answer questions you might have about getting to Karlskrona, finding accommodation and living and studying in Sweden. They represent a number of nationalities and may be able to help you with specific questions. You can reach them via the MSLS 2021 Facebook page, but before contacting them, please read the Arrival Guide and check this page to see if you find answers to your questions here.

Scholarships and Funding

If you applied for a Swedish Institute scholarship or any outside funding agency, you will only be notified if you are successful, and notification will come from the agency directly, not BTH. Therefore, please contact those agencies if you have queries since we are unable to answer on their behalf. You may wish to visit our new Scholarships and funding options page for more information about ways to secure funding.

Within a few days of your admission letters, you will be notified about the BTH scholarships, if you have applied for those.

Key dates

As noted in your offer letter you should aim to arrive for the Orientation Week commencing August 24th, 2020. Please note that in the MSLS programme there will be a short winter break in late December/early January, though this is officially part of the semester and exams/presentations follow immediately afterwards.

Please note that the last possible day of arrival for the MSLS programme 2020-2021 is September 7th, 2020. Students will not be able to commence the programme after this date.

See our Key Dates page with a summary.

Orientation Week

Orientation Week will start on August 24th, 2020.

During this week we will hold our initial workshops which lay the foundation for the MSLS community for the year. The introductory lectures with information regarding the logistics necessary for student life will happen during this week. It will be important for everyone to attend. We will host a number of activities and meeting times for question and answers about administrative matters, connecting with your colleagues and the programme team, and getting to know the campus, Karlskrona and the archipelago. The first class challenge will begin during this orientation week, with decisions made by and on behalf of the whole class. The class will also be given access to the programme ‘Learning Lab’ and to a number of household items and bikes which have been left from the previous year’s class.

Course Expenses

You will be able to purchase your textbook via a variety of online vendors and we will follow up with information on how to do so closer to the summer. The textbook costs about 350 SEK. The fieldtrip will require another 2000 SEK of funds.

You will need to purchase the textbook at a price of about 350 SEK. We will follow up with information on how to purchase the textbook closer to the summer.  There will also be a class field trip, partially subsidised by the MSLS programme, for which you should budget around 2000 SEK. The field trip will be from 16-18 September 2020. Please plan accordingly.

Suggested Reading and Resources

In recognition of the diverse backgrounds represented in the class, past years’ students have indicated that it would be beneficial to have some recommendations for prior reading.  A suggested starting point is the book “The Natural Step Story: Seeding a Quiet Revolution” by Karl-Henrik Robèrt.

How else to stay in touch?

Our students and staff are quite active on various social media sites including the BTH Sustainability Masters fanpage, SustainBTH on Twitter, LinkedIn, WiserEarth, etc.