Key dates

Key dates

On this page you can find information about key dates for the admission process of international and Swedish applicants (please notice that the dates are different). You can also find some information about other key dates of the academic year.

Application period

Due to slight changes each year, we encourage you to check the University Admissions website for the application procedures and dates.

Notification of acceptance

Mid-March, April and June for international students, and July for Swedish students.

Visa application

We advise you to apply immediately after receiving an acceptance letter. Some accepted students have been declined enrolment in the MSLS programme because of a failure to secure a visa on time. Note: The Swedish migration office is on reduced work hours over the summer vacation period so early visa application is highly recommended.

Academic year

Generally late August to early June each year. Check official semester dates on our BTH website.

Arrival and orientation week

The MSLS orientation week is one week in advance of the official semester commencement date.

Holiday period

In the MSLS programme there is a short break with no classes in late December / early January (though there is no official Christmas / winter break in Swedish universities). As it is officially part of the semester period exams follow directly afterwards.

Graduation and going home

Past MSLS classes have held a class graduation event in early June following the end of the semester. A large number of students also choose to stay in Sweden for Midsummer celebrations in late June. Some also stay for the entire summer. Those who choose to stay after the end of the programme make allowance for this when applying for a visa (if applicable).

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