Welcome letter Master’s Programme in Software Engineering – Spring-22 part-time 50% distance

Congratulations on your admission!

Welcome to the Master's Programme in Software Engineering at Blekinge Institute of  Technology!

This distance learning programme runs part-time from 17 January 2022 to 14 January 2024. Part-time means that you are expected to, on average, spend 20 hours per calendar week on your studies.

You will find additional information on joining the programme at BTH on Newly admitted students.

Important! To keep your place on the programme, you must fulfil the steps in the section below: “Procedure to join the programme”.

Update! students admitted late (admitted after 22 december) must register for the courses in Ladok for students 5 – 23 January, see ”Procedure to join the programme” below.

A warm welcome to BTH!

Deepika Badampudi

Programme manager


Procedure to join the programme

To keep your place on the programme, you need to fulfil steps 1-4 below.

If you are unable to join the programme this year, you can seek deferment at Student portal – Deferment of studies to start the next time it is given.

If you do not wish to keep your place on the programme, please decline the offer on Universityadmissions.se or e-mail admissions@bth.se. This will inform us of your intent not to attend the programme and we can offer your place to someone on the waiting list.

1. Tuition fee

Non-EU/EEA students are required to pay tuition fees for your studies. Visit Terms and conditions for fee paying students on Tuition fees.

2. Get your student account

Your student account at BTH is available when you receive an e-mail with information how to get the student account in the Student Portal. If you have not received information about your student account by 28 December, please contact ithelpdesk@bth.se.

3. Register on the courses

You must register on the courses given spring 2022 to keep your place on the programme. The registration period is 23 December 2021 to 3 Januari 2022. Register in Ladok for students, following instructions in the Student Portal. If you cannot carry out the registration yourself, contact studentreception@bth.se.

4. Mandatory programme roll call and programme information

Participating in the roll call is mandatory. If you do not participate in the roll call, your admission will be terminated. The roll call will be held 17 January at 13:00 CET. The online conference tool “Zoom” will be used via this Zoom-link. If you for some reason  cannot participate in the roll call meeting you must email deepika.badampudi@bth.se on 17 January, before 22:00 CET. When sending the email, please use the subject line “Roll call 2022: Masters in SE”. State your full name in the e-mail, and that you are ready to start your studies.

Equipment and digital tools

The online learning management system Canvas is used by all programs and courses. You can access a Canvas course page when you have your student account and registered to the course. In Canvas you can find course information and, for example, lecture notes, assignments, discussion forums, and more.

As a student at BTH, you have access to the e-meeting service Zoom. Using Zoom, you can meet and collaborate with your teachers and classmates. You can find more detailed information about Canvas and installation instructions for Zoom here.

BTH require all students to use their own computer in the studies. If your programme has specific requirements for hardware or software you can find them here. If your education is online, you also need access to web or built-in camera, headset with microphone, and internet connection.

Programme and courses

You can find programme syllabus and information on the programme's web page and Canvas page.

Courses during the initial semester:

, 7,5 credits Period: 2022-January-17 until 2022-June-05 Kurskod: PA2578

, 7,5 credits Period: 2022-January-17 until 2022-June-05 Kurskod: PA2579

More information

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