Guidance programme

Guidance programme

Welcome to Blekinge Institute of Technology’s Guidance Programme, designed to support you throughout your journey, from applying for one of our Master’s programmes to preparing for your arrival in Blekinge, Sweden. 

Below, information about the crucial steps you must take before arriving, such as applying for accommodation, visa and residence permit, and paying the tuition fee, is provided. You are always welcome to contact the programme managers for questions regarding the programme and its courses. We hope to see you soon!


Admissions results will be published on 30 March 2023!




We have eight master’s programmes. Most of them are two-year programmes consisting of 120, including:

Software Engineering

Industrial Economics and Management

Mechanical Engineering – Structural Mechanics

Telecommunication Systems

Computer Science

We also have one one-year Master’s programme consisting of 60 credits:

Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability

Additionally, we have two programmes targeted towards professionals who are already working in the industry and want to develop their skills, including:

Software Engineering (two-year, part-time, held at distance, 60 credits) 

MBA programme (two-year, part-time, held at distance, 60 credits)

On the programme pages on our website, you can read more about the programmes, the entry requirements, tuition fees, courses, and everything else you need to know.

All applications are done at University admissions. They offer a step-by-step guide on how to apply. We recommend that you visit their website and follow their guide.

The easiest way to apply is to find the programme you are interested in on our Master’s programmes and courses page. When you are on the programme page, you click on the blue button “Apply now”. You will then be directed to the University admissions website where you can use their guide to complete the application.

The current tuition fee for full-time studies is 60 000 SEK per semester which includes 30 credits. This means that one year (two semesters, 60 credits) will cost 120 000 SEK and two years (four semesters, 120 credits) will cost 240 000 SEK. EU and EEA students are not required to pay.

Please note, there might be additional costs.

Included in the tuition fees are studies and study-related issues such as study administration, study/career counselling, access to the student health professionals at BTH (nurse, counsellor, etc.), library access, study and computer labs, assistance in finding accommodation and in opening a bank account, etc.

Keep in mind that there are different rules depending on what country you are from. Read more about this as well as general information regarding tuition fees here. 

After receiving the Notification of Selection Result from University Admissions, you must log in to your BTH tuition fee account at the following web page:

Here, you will find the deadline for payments, the amount you need to pay as well as instructions on how to pay. Please note that BTH is not sending any invoices.

Please note! You must pay as soon as you can after receiving your admissions notification. Otherwise, you might not have time to receive your visa/resident permit. This is because the Migration office does not process residence permit applications until the fee is paid.

Read more about how to pay here. 


BTH has no student accommodations and cannot make reservations for students. To find accommodation, you have to make an online application or contact the housing companies or private landlords available in Blekinge. On Karlskrona municipality’s website, you can find a list of all property owners and landlords.

We recommend that you start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. If you have not applied for housing before your arrival, you may have to stay a considerable time in a hostel before you can get a student room which can be very expensive.

When you apply for an apartment, remember to check:

How much to pay in rent

What is included in the rent (internet, electricity, etc.)

If you are allowed to live together with friends or not

If the apartment is furnished or not

Remember to read the contract carefully before signing.

If you need more support, you can contact the Student Union at or the Accommodation coordinator at The Student Union also invite you to join their Facebook group Student accommodation in Karlskrona where you can find accommodation possibilities.

Pay the rent on time and keep the accommodation clean.

Usually, the landlord expects the accommodation to be quiet after 10 pm on workdays and 11 pm on weekends. If it’s not stated in the contract, please contact the landlord and clarify what times are stated.

Yes! We have a number of scholarships for prospective students. You can read more about these here and learn if you are eligible for any of them.

Many of our alumni are currently working in successful industries such as Ericsson, Volvo and SAAB. At BTH, we aim to work closely with industries to provide you as a student with the best possibilities for the future. You can read student testimonials here.

There are also possibilities to continue within academia and apply for a PhD after graduation. You can read more about this and watch our PhD interviews here.

There are many possibilities for you if you want to stay and work in Sweden after graduation. There is currently a lack of competent engineers and IT professionals in Sweden, so you are much needed!

To improve your chances of getting a job after graduation, we recommend that you start preparing for the future as soon as you begin your studies here at BTH. For instance, you should focus on being committed, attending all lectures even when it is not mandatory, and taking every chance to network with industries. Throughout the year, BTH invites industries to campus to help the students meet and connect with potential future employers.

Other things that we recommend that you focus on are time management and having good routines. Further, we recommend that you start thinking about different thesis subjects during your first semester as this might be your gateway into professional life. Many industries look for students who are interested in writing their thesis together with them. Visit industries websites that are relevant to you, such as Volvo and Ericsson, and look for thesis openings. Why not take the chance to ask the industry representatives about this when they come to campus? Keep an eye out for these events to improve your chances and don’t forget to network!

Master's Programmes presented by the programme managers

Master’s Programme in Industrial Economics and Management

Master’s Programme in Telecommunication Systems

Master’s Programme in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability

Master’s Programme in Software Engineering

Master’s Programme in Computer Science

Master’s Programme in Mechanical Engineering – Structural Mechanics

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