Research data

Research Data Policy

The Swedish government aims are that open access to research data should be fully implemented by 2026. This is in line with EU policies, Horizon 2020 and several other progressive research funders mandates. The Government has appointed the Swedish Research Council (VR) to coordinate the continued work on open access to research data. Together with Swedish National Data Service (SND) and the National Archives and other relevant authorities they will support the development of archiving and long term preservation of research data at universities.

Guidelines for the Management of Research Data at BTH

Swedish higher education institutions should work to promote the availability of research results and research data. Accordingly, guidelines  for the management of research data at BTH were approved in 2023, supporting the correct handling, storage, preservation and sharing of research data.  The DAU group at BTH (see below) will continuously support the work on research data at the university.

The BTH Data Access Unit

One important fulcrum on the road to open access to research data is the implementation of Data Access Units (DAUs) at the local universities. The DAU can support the local researcher with data management plans, information on funder policies, government requirements, rights management issues, storage facilities, knowhow about meta data and support with tools for documentation etc. The DAU is also serving as a node for information and skills transfer vis-a-vis SND and VR. Research data represents a major public investment that may benefit other scholars than the original creator. But this is only true if they are well documented and managed for reuse.



Data Management Plans

DMPonline (SNDs information om datahanteringsplaner. Här finns även en checklista). (MANTRA online course). (Guidelines for research documentation and data management, Karolinska Institutet).

Organising Data (MANTRA online course). (UK Data Service “Organising data”).

File Formats  (a collection of guides for best practices in data management of various types of data). (MANTRA online course).  (Kammarkollegiet (2016) Open IT-Standards, Kammarkollegiet, 7 mars, Dnr 96-38-2014). (UK Data Service ”File formats and software”.)

Sitter vi på en datasophög – Vad är ett beständigt dataformat? – Björn Lundell, Professor i datavetenskap, Högskolan i Skövde. Ladda ner pdf: Lundell

Documentation and Metadata (MANTRA online course). (UK Data Service “Documenting data”).

Preservation and Storage (MANTRA online course). (SNDs information “Prepare and share”). (UK Data Service ”Storing data”).

Rights, Law and Ethics (SNDS information om juridiska regelverk för forskning). (MANTRA online course). (UK Data Service “Ethical issues”). (UK Data Service “Rights in data”).

Vem äger forskningsdata? – Kristina Ullgren, jurist Göteborgs universitet. Ladda ner ppt: Ullgren

Sharing and Licensing (MANTRA online course). (SNDs information “Prepare and share”).