Publish BTH-reports

Publish a BTH research report

The Faculty Board (Fakultetsnämnden) at Blekinge Institute of Technology has decided (2003-08-20) that all BTH Research Reports must be examined and approved by a professor or a senior lecturer (docent) (that is not a co-author) in the subject area. The report must be approved before it is published. The author should send the manuscript to the reviewer before contacting the library or creating a record in DiVA.

The report published only as a file on DiVA (no prints)

If the report will not be printed, but only available in DiVA, send an email to the contacts below with the following information:

  • That the report has been reviewed and approved, and the name of the reviewer.

The library will add a serial number to the record in DiVA.


Order prints of the report

If you wish to order prints of the report, first create a purchase order in Visma Proceedo.

Also create a record in DiVA, and add the report file.

The following information should be filled in on Visma Proceedo:

  • The name of the reviewer.
  • The number of copies you wish to print. Include three copies for the library in this number.
  • Name of the person and department where the copies should be sent.
  • If the report contains colour pictures, enter whether they should be printed in colour or black/white.

Make sure the page numbers are positioned correctly. The report will be printed on both sides.

The library will add the serial number, and then send the order to the printing office.

Three copies of the report will be sent to the library.


Printing costs

Contact us for approximate price information.


Contact the library

Anette Pettersson:
Phone: 0455-38 51 19

Josefin Andersson:
Phone: 0455-38 51 09