Publicera BTH-rapporter

Publicera BTH-rapporter

Fakultetsnämnden (the Faculty Board) at Blekinge Institute of Technology has decided (2003-08-20) that all BTH Research Reports must be examined and approved by a professor or a senior lecturer (docent) – that is not a co-author – in the subject area. A research report must be approved before it is published. The author of a research report should send the manuscript to the reviewer before contacting the library and submitting the report to DiVA.



To publish a Research Report please notify Anette or Peter at the library. Send them an email containing the following details:

– how many printed copies of the report you want (we always order three extra copies for the library).

– whom the invoice and the copies of the report should be sent to.

– the name of the reviewer.

If your report contains colour pictures, let the administrators know whether you want to print these pages in colour or black/white.

Make sure the page numbers are placed correctly, the report will be printed on both sides of the leaf.

The administrator gives a serial number to the report and sends an order to the printers.

The library always adds 3 copies to the order (for library shelves and archive). These 3 copies are included in the invoice sent to the department.

The library registers the report in the national catalogue of Swedish university libraries, LIBRIS, with a web link to DiVA.

Printing costs

(Printing costs in SEK)

Black/white page: 0,25

Colour page: 0,65

Cover: 7 apiece

Adhesive binding: Start cost 1295 + 4,1 apiece

Additional cost for editing (800/hour)

Use this Excel template to calculate the approximate price.


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Peter Linde, E-post: Telefon: 0455-385103