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Support for e-resources

Support for e-resources

You are welcome to use this form to contact us if you have problems accessing the databases and e-resources provided by the library. Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.

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Enter the name of the database, e.g. Summon@BTH, PubMed o Scopus

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Some of the databases will not display correctly in Internet Explorer. Try to use another browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Have you used the links to the databases from the library website (e.g. the database list)? *
If you did not use Summon, you need to use the library's list of databases. Find your database there and use our link to identify yourself as a BTH-student, and get access to the e-resources the library subscribes to.

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Have you used your student account at the library login page? *
Use your student account to get access to the databases, the same username and password you use in It's learning. Student user/acronym will be letters from your name, and the year you started, e.g. ansv13. (If this does not work - please contact IT Helpdesk 0455-385100).

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