“AI can expand human capacity in healthcare”

Ana Luiza Moraes conducts research in applied health technology and she sees machine learning and AI as a fantastic potential when it comes to tackling real problems in healthcare.

– In the healthcare areas where manual coding would be very impractical, or even impossible, machine learning can expand human capacity, says Ana Luiza Moraes.

In her research in applied health technology, Ana has studied how machine learning can solve practical healthcare problems. She sees that machine learning has a fantastic potential to tackle real health problems, especially with the growing volume of health data and the need to deal with more complex problems.

One area she has studied is assessing the age of young people by examining the joints. She found that thanks to machine learning we can get an automated method that gives better results and higher accuracy of age, compared to if radiologists did the analysis.

She has also studied how machine learning can be used to understand which older people are at risk for dementia and what the prognosis looks like.

– In my research, there are good results that improve the prognosis for healthy individuals who will develop dementia within ten years, says Ana Luiza Moraes.

Ana Louiza Moraes defended her dissertation in applied health technology on 16 September 2020. Her dissertation is available here.

30 September 2020

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