AI research in focus as the Swedish AI society gathers at BTH

Martin Boldt

The organisation, The Swedish AI Society, SAIS, has its annual conference at BTH. Researchers and industry representatives will discuss AI and present new AI research for two days.

Martin Boldt, docent in computer science at BTH, is one of the organisers:

“It is an honor that the Swedish AI Society returns to BTH with its annual conference. A lot has happened in AI research since the conference was here last time in 2017”, he says.

During two days, new research findings in AI will be presented and the participants will carry out workshops. In addition, a number of keynote speakers, including Professor Diego Calvanese, Dr Judith Bütepage and Professor Lars Kai Hansen will give presentations on their respective focus areas.

“AI development has never been so fast in SAIS’s 40-year history as it is now. Therefore, it is exciting that AI researchers and industry representatives gather in Karlskrona for research presentations and interesting discussions around AI”, says Martin Boldt.

SAIS was formed in 1982 and aim to promote AI interests in national and international contexts. SAIS organizes an annual conference, support AI training courses, workshops and conferences in fields related to AI.

The chairman of the Swedish AI Society is Fredrik Heintz, professor at Linköping University.

12 June 2023

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