Argentinian professor visited BTH to discuss long-term cooperation

Maria Isabel Pozzo

BTH was honoured to welcome Professor María Isabel Pozzo from the National University of Technology in Argentina, who visited us in March to discuss a potential long-term relationship and cooperation between the two universities.

Dr. María Isabel Pozzo is a professor and researcher from the National Technological University, the National University of Rosario and the National Scientific and Research Council in Argentina.

She has been cooperating with BTH in the Erasmus+ project, VISIR+, which aims to create software modules using open source technologies for online laboratories and/or setting up online lab stations. The labs are developed at BTH for the use in universities in Brazil and Argentina.

Since the VISIR project has been so fruitful, Dr. Pozzo’s visit is intended to formalize an interinstitutional agreement to continue and expand the international academic cooperation.

During her visit, she met with Vice-Chancellor Mats Viberg and discussed a potential long-term relationship and cooperation between the two universities, with exchanges of students and teachers, as well as cooperation in the capacity development of teachers.


6 April 2022

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