BTH awarded four-star rating in Stint internationalisation index

BTH has been awarded a “Four-Star” rating in the Stint Internationalisation Index for 2023. Stint’s evaluation, based on 2021 data, assessed institutions in Sweden across six key parameters:

  • Share of international co-publications
  • Share of mobile students
  • Share of foreign PhD students
  • Share of education in English
  • International recruitment of staff (including Ph.D. candidates)
  • International recruitment of HEI Leadership (including those with Ph.D. and research abroad)

“Stint index both measures and enhances internationalisation. A way of both understanding and explaining the internationalisation of higher education and research, says. Dr. Hans Pohl, developer of Stint’s Internationalisation Index.

Gurudutt Velpula, Acting International Director at BTH comments:

“BTH has made significant progress in some of these areas, particularly in terms of international co-publications, the proportion of international students, and the recruitment of international staff”.

“The increase in STINT ranking, reflects the hard work and resilience demonstrated by our institution towards internationalization activities during the pandemic”.

“Our success in increasing our international student body is mainly result of close collaboration with our international partners and the unwavering dedication of our teachers, who adapted their teaching methods to meet the challenges of the times”.

See Stint internationalisation index 2023

23 October 2023

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