BTH on the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences list

Two BTH researchers focusing on sustainable product development are included in IVA’s 100 list for 2020, which has now been presented. The research projects on the list are judged to have the potential to develop into innovations, business development or other forms of benefit.

Every year, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences presents its 100 list of research projects that are deemed to have the potential for business development or otherwise utilized. The research projects on the list have been selected in a thorough nomination and selection process based on a number of established criteria.

The 100 list for 2020, with the theme of sustainability, has now been presented, and we are pleased to note that two BTH researchers are on the list. They are Sophie Hallstedt, associate professor at the Department of Strategic Sustainable Development, and Tobias Larsson, professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

–My research into sustainable product development is about supporting companies when they make their sustainability journey. The sustainability perspective must come in early in product development if it is to result in cost-effective and long-term competitive solutions, says Sophie Hallstedt.

Professor Tobias Larsson leads a large research environment at BTH, which focuses on developing methods and tools to develop the next generation of sustainable products in the manufacturing industry.

–By working with digital model-driven development companies can simulate what effects the solution has on its lifecycle very early, even before the product is produced, the. With the visualization tool that we have produced we can simulate and predict, Tobias Larsson explains.

–It is very gratifying that two of our researchers are on the list – it shows that the research at BTH has good conditions to be useful and to make a real difference, says Mats Viberg, Vice-Chancellor at BTH.

Behind the initiative with the 100 list stands IVA’s Research2Business project, which aims to strengthen Sweden in being a leader in transforming academic research into innovation and competitiveness in business. Some of the researchers on the 100 list will be invited to the national meeting place for business leaders and researchers, R2B Summit.

4 March 2020

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