BTH Professor member of Swedish Ethical Review Authority

Bild av Lisa Skär

Lisa Skär, professor of nursing at BTH, is a new member of the Swedish Ethical Review Authority, whose mission is to safeguard man in research, among other things by conducting ethical examinations of research on people.

– It is a very honorable assignment that is in line with the research I do in nursing and e-health, says Lisa Skär.

Lisa Skär has been appointed member of the Swedish Ethical Review Authority for medical research in Lund. The authority’s mission is to protect the individual in research. The authority does ethical tests of research on people, but also on biological material and sensitive personal data. By testing research projects correctly and efficiently, confidence in Swedish research is strengthened.

Lisa Skär currently leads research in two areas; health and well-being in long-term illness and e-health.

– Parts of the research conducted at BTH contain ethical issues that are important to consider. The assignment provides the opportunity to disseminate knowledge about ethical issues even outside the ethics review authority, says Lisa Skär.

The ethics review authority is a state authority under the Ministry of Education. The authority started its operations on January 1, 2019 and then replaced the regional ethics review boards. The survey is conducted by members / experts in different areas and is available in six locations in Sweden: Gothenburg, Linköping, Lund, Umeå, Uppsala and Stockholm

22 April 2020