BTH teacher on the top 50 list of women leaders in education

Tamara Carleton

Tamara Carleton is recognised in the American “Women We admire” magazine, in their Top 50 Women Leaders in Education of 2023. Tamara is a professor at the department of mechanical engineering at BTH, among other things

Tamara holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and has been working at BTH for many years. Tamara is also the founder and CEO of the Innovation Leadership Group, which helps companies and government agencies build innovation capacity and map bold futures.

Tamara Carleton has written seminal books in innovation, including Building Moonshots: 50+ Ways to Turn Radical Ideas into RealityInventing the Almost Impossible, and the Playbook for Strategic Foresight and Innovation.

“I am delighted and a bit amazed to be recognized by the Women We Admire organization. Beyond my teaching, I wish to salute everyone tirelessly transforming learning and education worldwide – which is rarely appreciated yet critical to human progress”, she says.

Each year, the magazine Women We Admire, presents a list to highlight the accomplishments of women who are at the helm of diverse educational institutions across the nation.

Tamara also holds a Unesco chair in anticipatory leadership for innovative and better futures. This chair is part of the Unesco Futures Literacy program.

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18 October 2023

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