BTH welcomed Indian students for Master’s studies

This week, nearly 50 new Indian students were welcomed to BTH. The students come from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad in India, which BTH has a long standing integrated cooperation with.  

The students begun their studies in their home country three and a half years ago and they will now complete their studies with a Master’s degree at BTH. They will perform their studies in either computer science, software engineering or telecommunications systems.

As a welcome ceremony, a digital session was arranged in which BTH Vice-Chancellor Mats Viberg welcomed all students. They were also introduced to various important student services, such as Student Health Service,IT helpdesk etc. The students also got the opportunity to meet their programme managers.

Due to the Covid -19 challenges, teaching will be conducted digitally during the first study period of the spring semester. The students are expected to arrive on campus from mid-March 2022.

“The India cooperation is going successfully despite of Covid-19 challenges. The collaboration started 16 years ago and keeps on delivering results against all the odds, especially during the Covid-19 situation. We have achieved good results due to an extraordinary support and trust received from partner universities and from the colleagues of teaching and support”, says Gurudutt Velpula, Deputy International Director and Director of India cooperation at BTH.

19 January 2022

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