Exclusive seminar on the cyber attack against the Ukrainian government

BTH’s security researchers invites you to an exclusive and cutting edge seminar about the recent cyber attack on the Ukrainian government agencies.

This seminar will focus on the events of 13 January 2022, when several Ukrainian government networks were subject to a destructive cyber attack. With help of information from sources proximity to the investigation we will provide a hypothetic scenario of this attack known as #attack13. This was the largest such attack on Ukraine in four years and about 70 government websites were temporarily down. During the seminar the researchers will try to reconstruct the timeline of the attack and demonstrate those key points which can be useful to prevent such attacks in the future.

Date: 2 February
Time: 09:00-10:00
Location: Online in Zoom. Click here to join. 

This seminar is given by Dr. Anders Carlsson and Dr. Oleksii Baranovskyi both senior faculty members at Blekinge Institute of Technology as well as team members of PROMIS.

About the speakers
Anders Carlsson has over 30 years of experience in computer-, network-security and digital forensics. He was educated and earned a degree as a Computer Engineer/Lieutenant-Commander specialist in the Submarines of the Royal Swedish Navy, where he worked for 25 years. He has been involved in developing courses and training law enforcement officers within EUROPOL and BKA (the Federal Police in Germany) in forensics.

Oleksii Baranovskyi is an experienced cyber security expert with a demonstrated history of working in the academic as well as enterprise. He specializes in penetration tests, computer forensic, incident response, and technical audits.

The seminar will be held in English.

At the end of the seminar we will shortly also discuss and show PROMIS educational initiative – courses specifically adapted towards the security area FOR industry and professionals looking to further their knowledge in the area.


PROMIS is a joint project between Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and several leading Swedish industrial companies and organizations. The goal is to supply customized, free courses in Information Security for professional engineers and software developers in the industry. Visit promisedu.se for more information.

28 January 2022

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