Four BTH researchers on the international ranking list

BTH has four researchers on a recently published ranking list within the subject of computer science where over 14,000 researchers worldwide have been reviewed. recently published its ninth edition of the best researchers in the world. The ranking is made in several areas.

In computer science, 14,402 researchers have been reviewed and the list of the best includes four researchers from BTH:

• Claes Wohlin is in position 8 in Sweden, and in position 1687 in the world.
• Emilia Mendes is in place 20 in Sweden, and in place 3425 in the world.
• Mats Viberg is in place 40 in Sweden, and in place 5129 in the world.
• Tony Gorscheck is ranked 50 in Sweden, and in place 6108 in the world.

The ranking is based on data from several different sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. The metrics are based on citations and the bibliometric data was collected on December 21, 2022. *

To ensure the result, also does a manual laying on of hands:

” Because our leading aim is to make sure that only genuine scholars are included in our ranking we realize that raw data are never supposed to be an absolute means to quantify the work of scholars. For that reason we manually verify every profile and cross-correlate it against publications in a varied range of credible sources.”

Sweden has 84 researchers on the list, which means that Sweden ends up in 21st place in the world overall.

See the whole list.

* Detailed information on their methodology

8 June 2023