International marine technology company discusses BTH collaboration

Peter Zickerman

Peter Zickerman, Executive Chairman of the Dubai-based seismic company PXGEO, visited Karlskrona and BTH recently. The company is about to be established in Sweden and is interested in collaborations with BTH.

PXGEO is a company at the absolute forefront of sea-based marine technology and collaborates with, among others, SAAB Dynamics in Sweden.

PXGEO CEO Peter Zickerman was recently in Karlskrona and met professors, teachers, and students at the Master of Science in Engineering in marine technology. Representatives of Blue Science Park and Karlskrona municipality also participated.

Peter Zickeman started with a company presentation and during the following session, future collaboration with BTH was discussed. One way of collaboration would include degree and project work.

11 September 2023

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