Swedish ice hockey more sustainable thanks to students

Swedish ice hockey are now taking the step towards becoming one of the first leagues in the world to focus on sustainability. This is partly due to the collaboration with BTH’s sustainability students.

BTH’s students in strategic leadership towards sustainability have worked with Swedish national ice hockey for six months. Among other things, the students, together with those in charge of the ice hockey have highlighted how the situation looks today and also helped develop strategies for their work going forward.

– It was very valuable for us to work with the students from BTH. They came with very valuable input and knowledge in our work to become Sweden’s first sustainable league and we look forward to working with BTH again, says Gabriel Niklasson, commercial manager of Swedish ice hockey.

The work on sustainability encompasses many areas; it is about how the environmental impact can be minimized, about economic sustainability but also about social sustainability, for example being inclusive when it comes to young people who want to devote themselves to the sport.

– We hope that other leagues and sports will take on the challenge of working sustainably. Together we have a tremendous power and opportunity to influence and make a difference, says Gabriel Niklasson.

The Swedish ice hockey league is Sweden’s third largest sports league, a major activity that encompasses and touches many people.

The Master’s programme in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability is one year and aims to educate leaders who are capable of supporting sustainable development of society in a way that strengthens their own organization. The education is built around two themes – strategic sustainable development and leading in complexity. Read more about the education.


30 October 2019

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