The story of Spotify guilds – the best article in renowned software magazine

Darja Smite

A paper on Spotify guilds received the 2019 Best Paper Award from the IEEE Software magazine. Lead author, BTH professor Darja Smite, is honored and will continue her research on communities of practice.

The paperSpotify Guilds: How to Succeed with Knowledge Sharing in Large-Scale Agile Organizations” won the 2019 Best Paper Award from the IEEE Software magazine.

-It’s an honor to find our work to lead the top articles of a top practitioner-oriented magazine. IEEE Software is a prominent venue that is read both in industry and academia. Such recognition, of course, gives us additional motivation to continue our research, says Darja Smite, lead author and BTH professor in software engineering.

Professor Darja Smite explains that the paper is devoted to the story of Spotify guilds – communities of practice that serve as knowledge sharing arenas with members from across the organization, typically doing the same type of work and trying to improve the way they do it. Although communities of practice have been researched before, she says that their work contributes with a rich insight into one of the new generation software companies – Spotify.

-We demonstrate that communities of practice in software industry are very diverse, which is not well understood in companies today. The central result of our research is the guild archetypes, as well as the general challenges and keys to success, explains Darja Smite.

The paper has been evaluated by a committee that follows a rigorous selection process considering all the peer reviewed papers published in a year and takes in to account criteria such as paper’s topic, usefulness and novelty, impact for industrial software engineering adoption, writing quality/organization, as well as normalized download and citation numbers among others.

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23 November 2020

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