Omsri Kumar Aeddula

Omsri Kumar Aeddula

Doctoral student

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Room J3426

+46 (0) 455-385427


Omsri Aeddula, born in 1993 in India, currently pursuing Ph.D. at Product Development Research Laboratory (PDRL), Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). His research focus is on data-driven decision support systems for product development using Artificial Intelligence (AI). He received his M.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering with a major specialization in Signal Processing from Blekinge Institute of Technology in 2017 and finished Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India in 2015.

He is part of KKS research profile ” Model-Driven Development and Decision Support”. He is also involved in Applied Healthcare Research with the BTH research clinic within AI. His other research interest includes Signal/Image Processing, Decision Management, Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks.

Selected publications
Image-Based Localization System
Recent publications
Raj Jiten Machchhar, Omsri Aeddula, Alessandro Bertoni, Johan Wall, Tobias Larsson, "SUPPORTING CHANGEABILITY QUANTIFICATION IN PRODUCT-SERVICE SYSTEMS VIA CLUSTERING ALGORITHM", Proceedings of the Design Society, EISSN 2732-527X, EISSN 3, Proceedings of the Design Society, Cambridge University Press, 2023
Daniel Nygaard Ege, Mark Goudswaard, Ole Nesheim, Sindre W Eikevåg, Oystein Bjelland, Kim A. Christensen, Robert Ballantyne, Shuo Su, Chris Cox, Louis Timperley, Omsri Aeddula, Raj Jiten Machchhar, Ryan Ruvald, Jie Li, Sara Figueiredo, Saurabh Deo, Nikola Horvat, Ivan Čeh, Jelena Šklebar, Daniel Miler, James Gopsill, Ben Hicks, Martin Steinert, "VIRTUALLY HOSTED HACKATHONS FOR DESIGN RESEARCH", Proceedings of the Design Society, EISSN 2732-527X, EISSN 3, Proceedings of the Design Society, Cambridge University Press, 2023
Omsri Aeddula, Johan Flyborg, Tobias Larsson, Peter Anderberg, Johan Sanmartin Berglund, Stefan Renvert, "A Solution with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology to Support Oral Healthcare Decisions for improving Oral Hygiene", ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2021
Omsri Aeddula, Johan Wall, Tobias Larsson, "ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS SUPPORTING CAUSE AND EFFECT STUDIES IN PRODUCT-SERVICE SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT", Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, ISSN 2190-3018, EISSN 1, Design for Tomorrow—Volume 1, Springer, 2021
Omsri Aeddula, "Data-Driven Decision Support Systems for Product Development - A Data Exploration Study Using Machine Learning", Blekinge Institute of Technology Licentiate Dissertation Series, ISSN 1650-2140, EISSN 12154, EISSN 2021:10, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, 2021

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