Department of Strategic Sustainable Development, TISU

Department of Strategic Sustainable Development

The Department of Strategic Sustainable Development is one of seven departments at the Faculty of Engineering.

Head of the department: Göran Broman

Department coordinator: Svetlana Zivanovic


The research focuses on methodological support for companies, municipalities and other organizations that want to work strategically with sustainable development, that is, organizations that want to contribute to society’s transition towards sustainability in a way that strengthens the organization.

The research has been deemed excellent and internationally leading by many independent evaluators.

The researchers study, for example, definitions of sustainability and how organizations can consider sustainability aspects when they develop strategic plans, identify user needs, formulate criteria, generate ideas and concepts, evaluate concepts, develop business models, procure and communicate.

The aim is to provide support for strategic sustainability thinking early in the innovation process. It is in the early phases the opportunities are the greatest to create solutions that contribute to sustainable development of society and strengthen the organization. In these phases it is important to be able to model, simulate, and in a coordinated way take into account, for example, technical, business economic and socio-ecological consequences of different solutions. Based on this, the organization can find the best options from a strategic sustainability perspective and develop these further in later phases of the innovation process.

Examples of current sub-areas are the further development of a definition of social sustainability and the further development of methodology for sustainable product- and service development, sustainable procurement and value-chain management, sustainable energy- and transport system development, sustainable municipal- and regional development and sustainable food system development.


The department´s researchers and teachers are involved in many programmes and courses.