New digital support platform for sustainable product development

Researchers in sustainable product development at BTH are developing a digital tool-kit for companies to enable well-informed decisions when developing new solutions. The project is done in close collaboration with a large number of companies, such as AB Volvo, GKN Aerospace and Roxtec. It is funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova and will proceed until March 2023.

“We want to come in early in the development phase, that is long before a product is manufactured, to measure expected sustainability profiles for potential solutions”, says Prof. Sophie Hallstedt, leader of the research team in Sustainable Product Development at BTH.

The objective of the project ”Digital Sustainability Implementation Package”, DSIP, is to develop a ISO-standard based digital platform, enabling traceability, analysis and visualization of sustainability data. Furthermore, the DSIP package will provide a set of methods and tools for sustainable product development. Engineers and decision makers will be supported early in the process to develop, measure and compare different product concepts with regards to sustainability as well as to other requirements. Companies will increase their ability to innovate and develop competitive products and at the same time lead the development towards a sustainable and circular society.

“We look forward to an exciting collaboration between academia and industry to develop the DSIP prototype. We are 16 committed project partners. In our vision, industry has a strong capability to develop sustainable solutions and thus has a competitive advantage. The tool-kit we develop will contribute to enabling companies to make the right decisions”, Prof. Hallstedt continues.

Besides the research group from BTH, participants in the project are researchers from Chalmers, IT-companies Eurostep AB and Macaroni Studios AB, as well as several manufacturing companies such as Volvo Technology AB, GKN Aerospace Sweden, Roxtec International AB, TetraPak AB and Ikea of Sweden.


Further information
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21 April 2021

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