Warm welcome to our admitted students

We are excited to welcome our newly admitted students at BTH

I, as International Director, warmly welcome you to our beautiful campus this autumn. During this year I have been in contact with many of you students, through e.g. webinars and I really look forward to meet you all in person! I am sure you have done a wise decision, choosing BTH as your  place of studies. I am also sure you will enjoy your stay in Sweden and that you might find your future opportunities here!”

Mats Walter, Director of International Affairs


A new journey with unique experiences is going to start for our newly admitted students.

Over 500 students have been admitted to our Master’s programmes. We are pleased to see that our new students are coming from all over the world and we will support both our Swedish and international students as best as possible before the start of the programme.

For our international newly admitted students, we have created an information page. To make planning easy, we are providing practical information for example next steps for registration for the programme, helpful checklists and of course contact to our students and staff: BTH | Newly admitted students.

Welcome webinar – with a special welcome by our Vice Chancellor Mats Viberg
Are you excited to meet your programme manager and future students of the same programme?

Join our welcome webinar on 7 May at 9:00 am (CEST). The invitation has been sent out on 29 April, if you are admitted and did not get the invitation, please contact us.

Your programme manager and current students will welcome you in a separate zoom break-out room to provide you with all the information you need and you are welcome to ask questions.

To make planning easy before your arrival, you will also get practical information on tuition fees, registration and housing.


  • Welcome by the Vice Chancellor Mats Viberg  (9:00 – 9:05 am CEST)
  • Practical information from the admission office and accommodation coordinator (9:05 – 9:40 am CEST)
  • Break-out room session with the programme manager and the newly admitted students (9:40 am CEST, 30-60 min)
  • Open Q&A drop-in with the International Office after the break-out meetings
  • The end of our webinar will be around 11:30 (CEST)

A special welcome from our current students

Who could make this start more welcoming than our current students? They have lot’s of tips and information and are happy to share their experiences with new students. They have also published a welcome article for our newly admitted students in our student blog.


Pacifique, student, Master’s Programme in Mechanical Engineering 

A few days ago the admission results have been out, did you get a positive result from BTH? First of all: congratulations! You are going to enjoy your next two years I am sure. I and my colleagues are welcoming you to Karlskrona and BTH as well as we are going to help you to walk the remaining journey towards your Master’s together. We will be sharing the tips that we thought that might be helpful for you and we will be happy to answer your questions :)! Read my welcome letter with more helpful tips and info.

Jiacheng Ma, student, Master’s Programme in Mechanical Engineering 

Hello dear new students, welcome to Blekinge Institute of Technology! Completing the Master’s programme at BTH is a new challenge and will give you an unparalleled competitive advantage, especially in your future work. Of course, life at BTH is not just about learning. BTH has many clubs such as badminton, hockey, football and other clubs. BTH holds regular engineer tea parties and will also invite some engineers with work experiences to participate at the tea party. Discuss with them the latest technology and your field of expertise. Looking forward to a pleasant exchange with you at the engineer tea party! Do you want to know more about these kind of activities? Read my blog article.


Sharlin, alumna, Master’s Programme in Mechanical Engineering 

Welcome to Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). At BTH the master’s programmes are organised in such a way that you will get the best experiences for your upcoming professional life. I can not say the student life for a master’s student is very smooth, but the teaching system at BTH will always make you capable and self independent. For the master’s thesis you either go for an industrial thesis or thesis on campus. To find an industrial thesis you have to work on it and show your interest and knowledge by submitting your proposal to improve their ongoing research. If you ask me, this is one of your best opportunities to show your skill and  hard work. One more thing, after finishing your thesis the industry will pay very good salaries. The experiences you will gather from working with an industry, will help you to find a relevant job in Sweden easily. Apart from the study life, there are many occasions that take place here. The experience during summer is amazing in Sweden. People in Sweden celebrate the midsummer with different programmes and cultures. This is one of the biggest festivals in Sweden. Read my blog article to learn more about tips for studying and activities. Hope to meet you at BTH soon!

May, alumna, Master’s Programme in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability

Keep Calm and Move to Karlskrona: Welcome newly admitted students & future MSLS cohort! A warm welcome to you all as you are preparing to enter this little special town of Karlskrona whether you are coming from abroad or within Sweden. I call Karlskrona a special town because I view this town as being so small in size but big in potential. There is a clear mix of traditions of old heritage and modern IT sector growth, internationals and locals communities, isolated from the mainland while being accessible to bigger and interesting places like the surrounding archipelagos and other cities like Malmö and Copenhagen. One other thing that I have to mention is that I was so touched by how the teachers & staff engaged themselves so much in our wellbeing and were interested in getting to know us individually. Read my blog article to learn more about the programme and student life.

Tara, student, Master’s Programme in Computer Science

Karlskrona is a lovely small town that is spread over 30 islands in the eastern part of the  Blekinge Archipelago and is the capital of Blekinge county. Almost every part of the town is walkable and it is peacefully quiet and beautiful. Well if you are from a big city and used to crowd and lively streets, you will get really shocked at first (just like me!) but then you will get used to it pretty fast and start enjoying it a lot! In Sweden, hiking will become your favorite hobby (if it was not in the first place) as there are so many breathtaking hiking trails everywhere. Want to know more about activities? Read my blog with tips about the magical Karlskrona.

Raashita, student, Master’s Programme in Software Engineering

Dear students, I just wrote a blog article about “10 Things to know before moving to Sweden (as an Indian student)”. You will get information about Swedish traditions as well as practical information. One of the things I am pointing out is that Sweden is very women-friendly. Treating all women with respect and dignity, Sweden also supports and provides women with benefits like maternity breaks, medical care, and financial support.

Next steps

While new challenges, people and stories awaits our newly admitted students in the autumn, we are pleased to support you according to our guidance programme.

Chat with our current Master’s students: BTH | Meet our master students

Our international student ambassadors are available via chat for all questions regarding moving to Sweden, student life and BTH’s Master’s programmes.

Welcome webinar for admitted students 7 May 2021, 09:00 am (CEST, Sweden time)

We are inviting all our admitted students to a special webinar on 7 May.

Your programme manager and current students will welcome you and give you all the information you need before your arrival.

Experts for tuition fees and accommodation will join our webinar as well. More information will be announced on our webpage BTH | Guidance programme


  • Welcome by the International Office 9:00 – 9:05
  • Practical information from the admission office and accommodation coordinator 9:05 – 9:30
  • Break-out room session with the programme manager and the newly admitted students 9:40 (30-60 min)
  • Open Q&A drop-in with the International Office after the break-out meeting
  • The end of our webinar will be around 11:30

Hope to see you next Friday on 7 May at 09:00 (CEST)!

COVID-19 and practical information

We understand that the decision to move to another country to start a master’s programme can be challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BTH is taking responsibility for the safety of our students and staff and is informing our newly admitted students about the situation in our frequently updated Q&A page.