Industrial economics and management

Industrial economics and management

The researchers are interested in the interaction between technology, innovation and industrial dynamics. They study entrepreneurship and its significance for sustainable growth and societal development, how institutional frameworks affect enterprise and the conditions for the commercialisation of technical innovations.

The researchers study both established as well as new and emerging industries and businesses. The research is conducted in collaboration with other social actors – nationally and internationally.

BTH researchers are involved in the economic debate and often participate in debating issues related to business.

The research in industrial economics and management is mainly conducted at the Department of Industrial Economics.

Research themes

Management of innovation and technology

This line of research has the firm, project or project organization as its natural unit of analysis. The focus is on analyses of resource bases, strategy, competence and capabilities, and how these interplay with technology and innovation. The research span business models, strategy, investment risks and competence and capability development.



Industrial dynamics and technological change

The research in this theme is focused on analyses of market, industry and business dynamics, and the role of policy. It comprises studies of entrepreneurship, development of new industries and businesses, diffusion of innovations and new technologies. It also comprises analyses of economy-wide change processes that span businesses across time and space, for example initiated by general purpose technologies like ICT.

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