Martin Svensson

Martin Svensson

Senior lecturer

Department of Industrial Economics, Room J2412

+46 (0) 455-385354

Research Areas:Behavioral Economics, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Dynamics and Organization Studies

Martin Svensson is employed as an assistant professor in industrial economy. He has a bachelor degree in Psychology (cognitive), a licentiate degree in Electronic Information Systems and a Ph. D in industrial economics and management. At the core, his research is driven by interest in how technology and digitization influence decision making, entrepreneurship and organizing. Such an interest have generated studies ranging; the (un)biased nature of entrepreneurial decision-making, the assembly of innovative teams, organization and functionality of emergency services as well as crisis management within multinational companies. Currently, I work in the KKS funded (2013-2018) project regarding Model Driven Development and Decision Support as well as in a project on how law enforcement agencies adopt and make use of a digitized decision support system to manage entrepreneurial behavior of burglars.

Follow the link to see a public lecture on Thaler’s impact on behavioral economics (in Swedish):

Current and previous teaching:

IY2587/IY2601 Research methods

IY2592/IY2602 Principals of leadership and management

IY2578 Master thesis work

IY1423 IT and organization

IY2584 Strategy and business development

IY1428 Leadership and organization in knowledge intensive work

TE2501 Examensarbete för civilingenjörer

Projects & Publications