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Student thesis

At BTH, we use DiVA as a publication database for student theses. In DiVA, you as a student must publish information about your degree project yourself.

What you need to know

DiVA manual for students

Publish your student thesis in DiVA

If you are a student and have trouble logging into DiVA, try these options:

  • Use Mozilla Firefox
  • Log in from home

Publish research in DiVA

At BTH we use DiVA as an institutional repository. All BTH-affiliated researchers can register their research documents in DiVA. It is used as a basis for various evaluations and therefore all research publications must be collected in the repository.

The library weekly imports records from Scopus and Web of Science. Publications that are not covered by these databases must be registered by the researchers themselves

Helpdesk student theses

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Answers questions on publishing your student thesis

Anette Pettersson
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Helpdesk publishing research documents

Answers questions on publishing research documents

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Helpdesk Publishing dissertations and report series

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Answers Questions on dissertations and the BTH report series

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