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LIBRIS is a national search service providing information on titles held by Swedish libraries. You can see which libraries hold the title you are interested in, and you can see if it is available for loan, or as a full text document on the Internet.

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Extended search

Save BTH as your favourite library in Libris (all you need to do is click the link)

Libris Bookmarklet

Install a search function in your browser toolbar. Highlight a word on any website and click on Search. The search for the selected word/phrase is then sent to LIBRIS and you get a search result with books on the subject.

Libris Bookmarklet

Databases and e-resources

Databases for literature searches are found via the link below by entering the name of the database (e.g. Cinahl or IEEE), choose subject (e.g. Sustainable development), or type (e.g. reference database or statistics).

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If you want to search several databases simultaneously you should use Summon@BTH

Support for databases and e-resources

FAQ – Database access

Proxy tools

Support for e-resources – you are welcome to use this form to contact us if you have problems accessing the databases and e-resources provided by the library.


GetIt@BTH is a linking system which gives access to full text and/or other useful services directly from the database/portal where you are searching.

When you click an GetIt-button or GetIt-link (GetIt@BTH) in a database, it will lead you to an GetIt-menu in a new window, where you are offered different linking options and other services.

The GetIt@BTH menu offers:

  • direct linking to the full text (of an article or e-book), if it is available at BTH and if you have a user account.
  • direct linking to an order form where you can order the article/book.
  • more services depending on where you are searching from and what reference you started from.

Research and student theses

At BTH we use DiVA for institutional repository. In DiVA you can search for publications from researchers and students at BTH: dissertations, reports, journal- and conference articles, theses etc.

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Under the headline Publish on the Library website, you can read more about how to publish in DiVA.

Research and student theses from BTH and other universities

SwePub – scientific publishing from Swedish universities. Search among articles, conference proceedings, dissertations etc.

Uppsök – student theses in full text from Swedish universities.