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We are glad that you are interested in applying for our MBA programme. On this page, we have prepared some relevant information regarding the application processes, tuition fees and scholarships. We hope this will help guide you to be a step closer to successful admission into our programme.

Overview of the process:

  • Who: Engineering graduates with two years of relevant working experience
  • How: Two steps process – Step 1 prepare relevant documents and Step 2 apply on University Admissions website
  • When: October – January (see key dates on this page)
  • Tuition fee: 120,000 SEK for Non-EU citizens, exempted for Swedish & EU/EEA citizens
  • Start: August/September

Who should apply?

Any candidates that fulfill the basic requirements and have a strong interest in the following are encouraged to apply: knowledge of the business operation, leadership and management, the impact of technological advancement and market dynamics, and the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Here are the basic requirements:

  • You must attain at least Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering with the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits, including a written degree project equivalent to 7.5 ECTS. During your previous study, you must complete 15 ECTS mathematics/applied mathematics and 5 ECTS industrial economics, business administration or equivalent.
  • You must have at least two years of relevant working experience following the degree.
  • You must be able to prove your English proficiency. If you are a non-native English speaker, you must have obtained a certain score for TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments, or Pearson PTE Academic test as specified under Step 1 below. Please note that we do not accept test results from TOEFL ITP and IELTS General Training. You may be exempted from the requirement in some cases. Refer to University Admissions website here for further information.

If you have questions regarding the basic requirements, please contact

How to apply?

There are two simple steps to successfully apply for our MBA programme. Make sure you read them carefully to ensure your application is complete.


STEP 1 – Prepare all relevant documents

Prepare all of your documents relevant to the application for the MBA programme in advance. These include two sets of documents: general and programme-specific requirements.

General requirements

Documents include personal identity, education certificate, and certificate for English proficiency. Specifically,

  • A copy of your passport page with personal data and photograph. It has to be a colour scan of the original passport.
  • A copy of your original transcripts of completed courses and grades. This document has to be officially issued and signed.
  • Copies of your certificate and diploma. Refer to requirements specific to your country on University Admissions
  • Certificate of English proficiency, in case you do not meet the English language requirements from your previous studies. The requirement for the MBA programme is equivalent to English 6. The minimum scores for the internationally recognised English tests are listed in the following table.

Programme-specific requirements

Documents include evidence of work experience following the degree.

  • Documents that certify your employment for at least two years. This can be a confirmation letter from your employer, a signed employment contract, or a company registration certificate in case of self-employment or that you are a founder of the company yourself.


STEP 2 – Apply online at

You can only apply for the MBA programme through the central application website at (link to an external page). Search for “MBA programme” at Blekinge Institute of Technology and add to your selection. Make sure you select the right academic year (Autumn semester).

In your application, it is important that you rank our MBA programme as your first priority. You will not be able to attend any of the programmes that are in the lower ranking than the one you are accepted. Apply as early as you can, so you have the chance to submit any documents that you may have missed.

Submit all relevant documents to Depending on the country where you graduated from, refer to the requirements specific to your country on University Admissions website.

For Swedish and EU applicants, include a scan of your passport in your application to qualify for free admission.

For non-EU applicants, please pay the application fee (currently, SEK 900) on the University Admissions website before the application deadline.

When is the application period?

The application for MBA programme opens during October – January every year (see dates). To be considered in the application, all your relevant documents must be received by the beginning of February.

We strongly encourage you to submit your application early to be able to supplement your documentation should there be anything missing or incomplete.


What are the selection criteria?

You can find information about the selection criteria on our programme page here.

Tuition fees and Scholarships

Total tuition fee for the MBA programme is 120,000 Swedish Krona (SEK). The first tuition fee instalment is 60,000 SEK to be paid before the start of the first semester. Read further information regarding the payment here. Swedish, EU and EEA citizens are not required to pay tuition fee.

BTH offers a number of scholarships covering the tuition fee in part or in full. Refer to this page for information on the available scholarships. There are also scholarships offered by Swedish Institute and scholarships for students in a variety of countries, listed on Studyinsweden.


What to expect when you successfully enroll into our MBA programme? Studying for an MBA is a wonderful experience and offers a great opportunity to connect with leading experts and cutting-edge knowledge base we have at BTH. Through the programme, our students are expected to develop their intellect, critical and analytical thinking, and the ability to actively engage and collaborate with both instructors and other students, despite the online nature of the study. We emphasize on harnessing the digital technologies to carry out your study, wherever you are in the world. On a practical side, the MBA programme is running at half-time, which roughly translates to 20 hours per week of self-study.


Who are the students for this MBA programme?

Our students are professionals with mostly engineering degree and at least two years of working experience. They are diverse in nationalities, from countries like Sweden, Germany, Greece, India, China, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Australia, South Korea, among others. This makes our MBA programme a great place to learn and share experiences.


How can I apply?

Follow the simple two-step application process. Prepare all relevant documents and apply online through the centralised website.


When can I apply?

For the Autumn semester, the application period opens from October to January (see key dates). We only open for application once a year.


Do you accept late applications?

No, we do not process any applications after the deadline for submission has past.


How much is the application fee?

The application fee is 900 SEK for non-EU applicants. For Swedish, EU and EEA citizens, it is free of charge. For further specific details, see here.


Do part-time jobs count towards the minimum work experience requirements?

Yes, it counts. You need at least two years of accumulated relevant full-time work experience following your degree to be eligible for the MBA programme.


Do I need to supply with my application a reference letter?

No. However, you need a certificate of work experience for the application. See above.


When will I know the results of my application?

The selection results will be notified late March. Check your inbox for the e-mail from University Admissions. If you are offered the place to the MBA programme, make sure to accept the offer and follow the tuition payment instructions should it be required.


What are the selection criteria?

You can find information about the selection criteria on our programme page here.


Is the tuition free?

Yes and No. For Swedish, EU and EEA citizens, you are not required to pay the tuition fee. For non-EU citizens, you are generally required to pay tuition fee, except in certain cases. Check you eligibility for tuition exemption from this link.


How much do I have to pay for the MBA programme?

If you are required to pay tuition, the total fee is 120,000 SEK. The first instalment is 60,000 SEK, once you have accepted the offer to join the programme. Please check key dates for the application stages on this page.


Are there any scholarships?

Yes. BTH offers several scholarships, both partial and full tuition. Follow this link to read more about the scholarships. There are also scholarships from Swedish Institute and many others.


Do I have to apply for visa once accepted?

No. The whole MBA programme is conducted online, so you are not required to apply for visa to study.


How is the study conducted?

The whole MBA programme is online-based, so all study is completely off campus. You can be anywhere in the world (with internet access) and still receive the high-quality education that we offer. Combining flexibility and quality, our MBA programme is best fit for today’s leaders that you are.


How do I pass a course and finish a degree?

Each course has different types of examinations. It might be a take-home exam, a written report, a recorded presentation, or other forms of assessment. To receive a grade and pass a course, you have to pass these assignments and examinations. Generally, each course corresponds to 7.5 ECTS credits. The final thesis is 15 credits. In order to finish a degree, you would need in total 60 ECTS credits, spanning over two years of part-time study (or roughly 20 hours of study per week). See course content on this page.


For FAQs regarding the MBA programme in general, follow this link.

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