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Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, has a distinctive focus on IT and innovation for sustainable growth. BTH’s task is to contribute to a more sustainable societal development through higher education, research and innovation. We conduct education and research at a high international level, focusing on IT integrated with other subjects such as engineering, industrial economics, spatial planning, design, and health sciences. We focus on the future of our students and offer courses and study programmes that prepare them to face societal challenges.

Currently, there are approximately 5200 registered students at BTH, divided into 20 undergraduate level study programmes. Out of the registered students, almost 40% are females. At BTH there are currently about 450 employees and the turnover is MSEK450 million.

The MBA-programme is offered by the Department of Industrial Economics. We have a long experience in offering education both on campus and online. Our teaching staffs are primarily comprised of PhDs in the areas of Economics and Management, who are experienced in teaching, and active in their research. This enables us to offer state-of-the art course contents. The research at the department is focused on the interplay between technology, innovation, and economics.

Faculty members

Martin Andersson

(Professor in Industrial Economics)

Martin currently teaches Microeconomics, Strategy, and innovation. His research focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, industrial dynamics, and technology.

Johan Eklund

(Professor in Industrial Economics)

His research interests concern the relationship between institutions – in particular regulations – and their long-term effects on economic development and growth. He also has broad interest in industrial economics, institutional economics, and law and economics. He is moreover Managing Director of Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

Viroj Jienwatcharamongkhol

(PhD In Economics)

He is the current course manager for Strategy and Control, and Managerial Economics in the MBA-Programme. He moreover teaches managerial economics, industrial organization, and strategy. His current research includes international trade, innovation, entrepreneurship, and corporate social governance.

Eva Lövstål

(PhD in Business Administration)

She currently teaches management control, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. Her current research deals with management control practices in innovation contexts. Eva has long experience of higher education teaching.

Emil Numminen

Holds a PhD in Industrial Economics and Management and is Head of Department of Industrial Economics at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Dr Numminen’s conducts research about e.g. private-public partnerships, software economics and finance.

Shahiduzzaman Quoreshi

(PhD In Econometrics)

He currently teaches the Corporate Finance course in the MBA-Programme. His teaching spans microeconomics, industrial organization, econometrics and Finance. His current research is about econometrics, finance, and public finance.. Shahid has previously worked as senior analyst at The Swedish Growth Agency.

Philippe Rouchy

(PhD in Sociology)

He currently teaches Entrepreneurship, and Strategy. His research focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Martin Svensson

(PhD in Industrial Economics)

Martin is currently the course manager for Principles of Leadership and Management, and Research Methods in Industrial Economics in the MBA-programme. His teaching spans management, leadership, and research methods. His current research is about emotions and economical behaviour. Martin is moreover director of one of our largest campus programmes.

Henrik Sällberg

(PhD in industrial Economics)

Henrik is Director of the MBA Programme at BTH. He currently teaches corporate finance, marketing, and supply chain management. His current research is about private finance, and demand side incentives. Henrik has more than 15 years’ experience of online higher education.

Shujun Wang

(PhD candidate)

Shujun is doing her PhD studies about digital market and digital products, especially focus on mobile apps. Shujun teaches Corporate Finance, Strategy and Industrial Organization.

Anders Wrenne


He currently teaches Industrial management, and Industrial marketing. His current research is on services marketing and service development.

Ongoing research

Besides offering world-class education to all our MBA students, our faculty has been conducting impactful research with clear policy implications and a strong focus on the areas of technology, innovation, and economics. Here, you can read a sample of ongoing research projects that we are currently involved in.

Financial market contagion

The study involves the effects of global financial crisis on stock markets across countries.

Demand for mobile apps

We study the determinants of app demand, and impact on app demand on firm performance.

Value-based healthcare

We study how to incorporate value-based concept for the healthcare system in Sweden.

Software & scale-ups

The core question involves how tech firms determine the pace and development of software innovations.

Management control & innovation

We examine how to effectively balance the tension between innovation and control in entrepreneurial ventures.


Externally funded projects

Sweden’s Position in Global Value Chains

This project gives a better understanding of the Sweden’s role for global firms and the understanding of the specific position held by Sweden in the internationally fragmented value chains of these firms. Funded by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, this multi-year project is a collaboration between Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (CIRCLE) at Lund University, and Jönköping International Business School (JIBS).

More info about the project: link


The project is about the prerequisites and driving forces for growth and growth of new industries and activities that are built around “old resources” such as forest, fisheries and agriculture, in rural areas. The project is in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Forum and financed by The Kamprad Family Foundation.


Electric Roads

This EU-funded project involves Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), RISE Research Institute of Sweden, NetPort Science Park, Techtank, and several private companies in the automobile and transport sectors.

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