BUP Planning Conference in Uppsala

Uppsala University invites BUP teachers/contact persons to plan for future activities and to prepare for the Autumn BUP Rectors Conference planned for October 2014 in Visby, Gotland.

The online registration for the meeting is now open. The deadline is February 24, 2014.

Maritime Spatial Planning – a course for professionals

The course in Maritime Spatial Planning that was held in 2013 was a success! Now it is possible for you who could not participate in the course to see some of the lectures online.

 Maritime Spatial Planning or MSP for short is of great importance to sustainable use of the resources of the Baltic Sea, for protecting the environment and for maritime safety and security in the region. In 2011 the Baltic University Programme Directorate initiated development of education in MSP together with the Swedish School of Planning, BTH.

Filmed lectures from the first Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning professional course
This MSP course for professionals is the first of its kind in the Baltic region and has attracted a number of leading authorities on MSP as lecturers and a highly qualified group of participants from administrations and academia.

The link will take you to blocks of lectures from the course. The lectures have been complemented by other material. The lectures are grouped under some generic headings. Filmed lectures and other material will be further developed as a more complete web based course on MSP.

The course team has consisted of professor Jacek Zaucha & Dr Magda Matczak, Maritime Institute & Gdansk Technical University ; Dr Andrea Morf, Gothenburg University, senior professor Lars Emmelin, BTH ; Dr Gonçalo Carneiro, World Maritime Institute, Malmö; Director Paula Lindroos & Dr Christian Andersson, Baltic University Programme ; Dr Sonja Salovius-Laurén, Åbo Akademi University.

For more infromation, contact Lars Emmelin.

Nordic and BUP Seminar on Sustainability
Competences for Learning and Education for Sustainability (ESD) in Higher Education
5 - 6 November, Turku, Finland

The seminar will deal with challenges regarding education for sustainability in higher education: Interdisciplinary, problem based dialogues, active learning environments and expected learning outcomes. Our goal is to support Nordic and international networking, student’s involvement and coherent action oriented competence development for sustainability.

The seminar hosted by Åbo Akademi University will consist of lectures and workshops.

Registration: An online Registration Form at Deadline for registration: 21.10.2013.

BUP will cover the costs for a few teachers from each country - please contact as soon as possible if you would like to represent Sweden.

For more information please see BUP webpage or the Finnish BUP web site.

PhD Students Conference, Rogow, Poland, 27-30 October 2013

The PhD Students Conference is planed to give PhD students from the BUP network’s countries the possibility to meet and discuss scientific questions with focus on sustainable development in an interdisciplinary, international, multicultural, and regional context.

The conference will take place in Poland the 27-30 October 2013 with the participation of 24 PhD-students and an expert team. The participants will have different nationalities and academic backgrounds; 8 from the area of Engineering, 8 from the area of Humanities and 8 from the area of Life Sciences.

Only students who completed at least the first year of PhD studies will be accepted.

For more infromation see BUP PhD courses.

Sustainability and Waste Management - Summer Course, Hamburg, Germany

Up to three billion tons of waste is produced in the European Union every year (EC, 2010). The amount of waste created globally is expected to increase up to 27 billion ton p.a. in 2050 due to changing consumption patterns, i.e. higher living standards and lifestyle changes leading to more consumption. Waste management is, therefore, a topic of major concern in Europe and elsewhere. The Summer school will offer a state-of-the art overview of matters of related to sustainable development and waste management provided by international experts.

For more infromation see BUP courses and education materials.


7th EURopean ENvironmental Sciences Student Association meeting - EURENSSA 2012

Since 2006 Eurenssa has been arranged every summer in mid-july. It’s a project organized by students for students where BUP students take an active part. The main aims are to create a meeting place for students with a background of studies in environmental sciences and sustainable development. The meeting is usually 7-10 days and is held as an open-air event, where participants sleeps in tents and do most of the activities outside.

This year the camp will take place

When: 9th - 18th July 2012

Where: Sweden and Åland - the starting and ending point will be Stockholm, Sweden

Deadline for registration: 18 May (register your participation here )

Cost: € 60-80 (travel costs to and from meeting NOT included in this fee)

For more information: see pdf or

"Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Agriculture", Rogow, Poland, 3-7 June, 2012

BUP teachers conference initiating the new BUP course "Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Agriculture" a common undertaking of close to 80 experts and scientists from the Baltic Sea and Great Lakes regions. Three books, written by prominent experts and scientists from the two regions, are the result of this cooperation. In this series of books they attempt to highlights the importance of an ecosystem approach as regards sustainable agriculture.

For more information see Conferences.

BTH students represent Sweden at the international conference "Towards Sustainable Consumption" in Poland

Eight students from Sweden took part in the international students’ conference "Towards Sustainable Consumption" in Rogow, Poland, organised by the Baltic University Programme network. Blekinge Institute of Technology was represented by Taryn Tate, Charlotte Ekström, Julia Boström, Aaron Lewis and Anton Valkov and Uppsala University was represented by Thao Thi Phuing Vuong, Huayi Lin and Jason Davis. All students participated actively in discussions and workshops related to sustainable consumption. They took part in the Baltic Debate, with topic "Economic growth - 'for' or 'against'?" - Taryn and Anton as judges, and Julia, Charlotte and Aaron as active participants. BTH students had prepared a presentation on the “Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development”, developed by BTH researchers, which was met with high interest from the other participants and the organisers.


"The conference was a great chance to meet new interesting people and get overview on the sustainability issues across the Baltic region" say the Swedish students.

"People were nice and the place for holding the conference was well arranged. The conference successfully built a connection between the students from different universities in the Baltic sea region and created opportunities for further communication and cooperation in the field of sustainable development" says Huayi Lin, Uppsala University.

Swe stud








"Apart from the content of the conference, we enjoyed the local culture and food and explored the beautiful city of Lodz" says Anton Volkov, BTH.

judge debate









Integrative approaches to sustainability

The 3rd International conference on "Integrative approaches to sustainability" will be held in Jurmala, Latvia on the 27-30 June, 2012. Focus of the conference will be on sustainable development and knowledgebased economies.  

20 PhDs will have the possibility to apply for a participation grant (travel costs, food and accommodation) to participate in the conference.

For more information see:

 Sustainability Applied in International Learning - SAIL

The SAIL 2012 is a course on sustainable development. The course consists of three parts. Before, during and after the cruise with the sailing ship Chopin. Before the cruise the students have to read some papers on sustainable development selected by the international teachers team. During the cruise lectures will be held on board by the teachers and group works carried out by the students. After the cruise each student has to write a term paper on a subject chosen together with a teacher on board the ship.

When: 10th - 22nd September

Where: Boat STS Chopin - The cruise will start in Gdynia, Poland and end in Swinoujscie, Poland.

Deadline for registration: April 15th

For more information see BUP courses and education matierials.

Swedish BUP Universities meet at national network meeting

On the 8th March Swedish BUP universities met in a national network meeting.

The aim of this meeting was to present Baltic University Programme to newly appointed contact persons at Swedish member universities and to present BTH as a new Swedish National Centre. A focus area for this meeting was to initiate a dialogue in the Swedish network concerning possibilities for development and cooperation.

For further information and powerpoint presentations please see: Currently in BUP Sweden

International students conference: Towards Sustainable Consumption

This year Baltic University Programme ( organises a Student Conference on the topic of Sustainable Consumption. Why do we consume in the ways that we do? What factors shape and constrain our choices and actions? Why (and when) do people behave in pro-environmental or pro-social ways? How can we encourage, motivate and facilitate more sustainable attitudes, behaviours and lifestyles?

When: 18th April 17.00 - 22nd April 11.00

Where: The Warsaw University of Life Science, Rogow, Poland

Deadline for registration: March 10th

Deadline for application for travel grants: March 29th.

For more information click here

BUP Nordic meeting

During the last year, two new national centres have been created in Scandinavia - BUP Sweden and BUP Denmark.

In the beginning of March these centres, together with the National Centre in Finland and representatives of Baltic University Programme's main office will have a joint meeting to discuss possibilities for coordination and cooperation.

For more information, please contact contact Agata Kosno, BUP Sweden Centre Co-ordinator.

Nationellt möte, BUP Sweden

Den 8 mars kommer ett nationellt möte organiseras för BUP Sweden. Syftet med mötet är att presentera Baltic University Programme nätverket för nya kontaktpersoner på de svenska medlemslärosätena, presentera BTH som nytt svenskt nationellt center samt att initiera en dialog rörande utvecklingsmöjligheter och samverkan.

Datum: 8 mars

Tid: kl 10.00-17.00

Plats: BTH, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona

Kallelse samt praktiskt information kommer att skickas ut inom kort.

Maritime Spatial Planning Master Programme, 1st planning meeting


A first planning meeting for a possible new BUP master course on maritime spatial planning will was held at the Swedish BUP National Centre at Bleking Institute of Technology, Karlskrona on the 25th - 26th January.

MSP meeting KNA_small

Present on the meeting were apart from vice-rector Prof Henric Johnson and Centre Director  Prof Lars Emmelin, also representatives from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, VASAB, Turku University, Åbo Academy University, Maritime University of Szczecin, University of Warsaw, University of Gdansk, St Petersburg State University, Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy and Norther Water Problems Institute in Petrazavodsk.

Download the presentations held during the meeting here.

For conclusions of the meeting and more information contact Centre Director Prof Lars Emmelin or Agata Kosno, BUP Sweden Centre Co-ordinator.

Maritime Spatial Planning Master Programme, 1st planning meeting

On the 25-26 January the 1st planning meeting for the Maritime Spatial Planning Programme will be held in Karlskrona, Sweden. The participants are BUP centre directors and others who have expressed an interest to BUP after a preliminary request.

The Baltic University Programme secretariat has initiated discussions within the BUP network to look into the possibilities of organising a Master’s programme in Maritime Spatial Planning. Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH as national centre for BUP Sweden has agreed to take on the scientific co-ordination of this work.

Maritime spatial planning, MSP, as well as coastal zone management, CZM are being promoted at EU level and within the Baltic Sea Region and nationally as  important tools for sustainable development. MSP & CZM are important in the Baltic Sea Strategy and countries have set up or are in the process of setting up agencies and introducing legislation. The MSc-level is important for qualified capacity building.

For more information please see the following document or contact Agata Kosno, BUP Sweden Centre Co-ordinator.

Rio+20 +BUPBUP RIO pic

In a parallel event to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 5-6 June 2012 the Baltic University Programme is strongly represented. The event is entitled World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities (WSSD-U-2012).

The chairman of the scientific committee for the event is Prof. Water Leal, Germany and in the scientific committee you may among others find Prof. Berndt Delakowitz, Prof. Lars Emmelin, Prof. Maris Klavins, Dr Paula Lindroos, and Prof Lars Rydén all active in the BUP network.

The aims of this event are:all round the world with an opportunity to display and present their work (i.e. curriculum innovation, research, activities, practical projects) as they relate to education for sustainable development at university level:

  1. to foster the exchange of information, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of projects, from successful initiatives and good practice;
  2. to discuss methodological approaches and projects which aim to integrate the topic of sustainable development in the curriculum of universities;
  3. to network the participants and provide a platform so they can explore possibilities for cooperation.

For more information please see info sheet .

BUP Students' Conference on Stability and Security in the Baltic Sea Region

For more information see Conferences

The 4th on-line Climate Conference on Climate Change and Disasters Management

For more information see Conferences

Baltic University Programme annual report 2010Annual report pic

In this issue of the Annual Report you may read about:

  • Organization
  • BUP Courses
  • Baltic University 20 Years
  • Conferences, Seminars & Events 2010
  • Baltic University in Ukraine
  • The Baltic 21 Ecoregion Project
  • Energy Futures Workshop
  • Sailing with Kaliakra
  • Financial Report
  • Course Statistics

Annaual report pdf

Finnish Forum for Sustainable Development in Higher Education

In a joint project between the BUP and Keke-foorumi (the Finnish Forum for Sustainable Development in Higher Education) a workshop entitled "Integrating sustainability into all activities of universities" was held at Åbo Akademi University in Turku 26 - 27 October. In the workshop, led by Alan Atkisson, some 20 participants from all over Finland and 6 other countries gathered for a couple of intensive but inspirational days.

For more information please see the BUP Finland web site.

PaxBaltica CompPax Baltica - en lyckad konferens med fokus på samarbete kring Östersjön

Den 19-20 oktober gick den 22:a Pax Baltica konferensen av stapeln i Karlskrona. Konferensen anordnades av Allmänna försvarsföreningen i samarbete med bl.a. BTH / BUP Sweden. Temat för årets konferens var Samarbete runt Östersjön med fokus på att se möjligheter i samverkan och samarbete så att länderna på så vis ska komma närmare varandra.

Under konferensen talade föreläsare så som Gunilla Herlof, seniorforskare vid Sipri, professor Kar-Heinz Breitzmann vid Rostocks universitet, Hans Hansson, fraktchef på Stena Line, Imants Gross, chef för nordiska rådets kontor i Riga, tidigare generaldirektören för svenska institutet Olle Wästberg och överbefälhavare Sverker Göransson. Som moderator agerade Stefan Ring, allmänna försvarsföreningens generalsekreterate, lärare i strategi på Försvarshögskolan och expertkommentator i radio och tv om i första hand svenska militära insatser runt om i världen.

- Vi har ett samarbete där alla strandägande länder runt Östersjön förutom Ryssland kontinuerligt utbyter information och sjölägesbilder. På så vis säkerställer vi att vi kan hjälpas åt att lösa problem som kan uppstå, till exempel vid en miljökatastrof. Än så länge står Ryssland utanför samarbetet men förhoppningsvis kommer detta att ändras. Stora handel- och energiflöden sker över Östersjön och med tanke på det är det viktigt att ansvaret delas säger Sverker Göransson, Sveriges Överbefälhavare.

- Österjön är viktig för alla oss som bor runt omkring. En dialog med alla berörda länder inklusive Ryssland är den bästa vägen att gå för att Östersjön ska bli en fredlig plats betonar Sverker Göransson.

They study sustainability at seaChopin Small

Yesterday on the 17August STS Fryderyk Chopin reached Karlshamn, Sweden. The ship carries 39 students and teachers from 12 countries around the Baltic Sea studying Baltic University Programme’s course “Sustainability Applied in International Learning” (SAIL). The course started in Halmstad, Sweden on 11 September and ends in Turku, Finland on 28 September.

Students have different nationalities but also different academic backgrounds as the course focuses on various aspects of sustainability such as social, cultural, economical and environmental aspects. Together  they are studying to earn 7,5p academic points.

The students have no previous sailing experience but received training before the ship left its first port (Halmstad, Sweden) and are now the acting crew that manages the ship together with the captain and his first mate.

- The course is one of a kind, says Marcin Magnuszewski, one of the teachers. The students have to combine hard physical work together with two academic sessions per day.

- We have a schedule where we take turns to man the ship. We only sleep 3-4 hours per night. It is tougher than I expected but it’s really rewarding - an experience I will never forget, says Malin Andersson, one of the Swedish students on board.

Upon arrival in Karlshamn, the SAIL-team was welcomed by Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) which is the Swedish National Centre for BUP and the Municipality of Karlshamn. During the day the students and teachers had the possibility to listen to representatives of authorities, university and business sector presenting sustainable development from a local perspective.

Student Chopin Teacher Student

"The biggest challenge has been to get up at dawn. We sleep 3-4 h a night. It's tough." says Pavel Andreeski on his way up the 37 m high mast.

"A fantastic experience that I would love to do again if I have the possibility" Irene Ledchenkova teacher from Belarus.

Photo: Annette Sandberg

New Centre Director in Denmark

The Baltic University Programme, Centre Denmark is situated at Aarhus University's Herning Department.

Professor Michael Evan Goodsite is heading AU Herning, Aarhus University’s centre for research and higher education in Herning. He is the new Centre Director of The Baltic University Programme, Centre Denmark, which will be situated at Herning.

AU Herning is located in the western part of Denmark and offers undergraduate and graduate study programmes in engineering, business economics, management and business languages. AU Herning has approximately 2,000 students out of 40,000 students at Aarhus University in total.

BTH - Svenskt nationellt centrum för Baltic University Programme

Tisdagen den 24 maj klockan 10:00 bjuder Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, BTH, in media till en presskonferens för att berätta om BTH:s nya roll som nationell kontaktnod för Baltic University Programme, BUP.

Baltic University Programme är ett nätverk av cirka 225 universitet från 14 länder i Östersjöregionen. BTH tar nu över rollen som svensk "National Centre" för Baltic University Programme, BUP.

New director for Baltic University Programme

Following a decision at the CSD Uppsala to reorganize the work at the secretariat, Paula Lindroos has assumed the responsibility of the programme director of the BUP.

On its meeting on May 6 the BUP board expressed its gratitude for the fine work Christine Jakobsson has done as programme director in serving the BUP, and welcomed Paula Lindroos as the new programme director.

Christine has been director in-charge of the BUP since 2007 and will continue in her position as BUP vice director. Paula has worked with BUP in Finland from 1991 and she has also been BUP vice director 1999-2002. We all welcome Paula back to the secretariat and wish her good luck in her new responsibility

The new Swedish BUP National Centre at at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona will organise its first national Swedish BUP meeting the 8th March 2012. During the meeting questions on cooperation and support within the network will be discussed. Expectations and suggestions for improvements of the network and more will also be treated.

Contact us

Centre Director

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310

National Contact Point

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310


Pia Lindahl
Tel: +46 455 385 529



Courses at BTH

European Spatial Planning

Regional Development and Urban Planning

Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability

Sustainable Product-service System Innovation

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