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Tang, XiuyingTransitioning towards sustainable management of building materials in China2005Master thesis
Tang, YuComparison of Implementation Cost and User Effort in Different Tailoring Interfaces2004Master thesis
Tannergård, KarlLilla Spöket Laban2008Bachelor thesis
Tanskanen, MikaelTid kontra pengar - Goal-gradient effekt vid valet mellan nettonuvärdesmetoden och återbetalningsregeln2010Bachelor thesis
Tanveer, BinishSoftware Process Improvement Success Factors - through systematic review and industrial survey2009
Tan, JiaFOUUX: A Framework for Usability & User Experience2009
Tan, LujiaoTakagi-Sugeno and Mamdani Fuzzy Control of a Resort Management System2012
Tao, ChengMultiple Attributes Group Decision Making by Type-2 Fuzzy Sets and Systems 2011
Tapper, HelenVårdande möte - vård- och omsorgsstuderandes perspektiv på mötet med vårdtagare2011Bachelor thesis
Tapper, JimmieEffekten av könshomogen idrottsundervisning för flickor i årskurs 52007Bachelor thesis
Tapper, JimmieMångfald -En kvalitativ studie om arbetet med mångfald inom Skatteverket.2009Bachelor thesis
Tarczyńska, AnnaMethods of Text Information Extraction in Digital Videos2012
Tariq, Muhammad Tahir and AleemQuality of the Open Source Software 2008
Tariq, UbaidImproving QoE over IPTV using FEC and Retransmission2009
Tariq, UmarAnalysis on Fixed and Mobile WiMAX2007Master thesis
Taskinen, MagnusNoise and Vibration Investigation of Composite Shaft1998Master thesis
Tatari, Kamran KhanAppropriate Web Usability Evaluation Method during Product Development2008Master thesis
Tate, TarynSocial Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst to Increase Equality in South Africa2012Master thesis
Tay, KarenStock Investors’ Confidence on Low-Cost and Traditional Airlines in Asia During Financial Crisis 2007-2009: Evidence from Air Asia and Singapore Airlines2010Master thesis
Tebeck, Ndi GeorgeThe Evolution of Industry towards Sustainability: A Case Study of the Olive Oil Industry2006Master thesis
Tegel, AnnaAvhopp i nätbaserade högskolekurser - betydelsefulla faktorer ur studenters och lärares perspektiv2008Bachelor thesis
Tegeman, Karin AndréassonTydligt men komplicerat - om upplevelser av ledningssystem2009Bachelor thesis
Tegeman, Karin AndréassonAtt skapa kunskap i informationshavet - Om hur text kan struktureras för att skapa lärande i intranät2010Bachelor thesis
Tehrani, EhsanA Development Platform for Microcontroller2009
Tejle, KaarinaApplication Service Provider - A viable solution seen from the customer's point of view?2001Bachelor thesis
Tejle, KaarinaA Method for Assessing Requirements Engineering Process Maturity in Software Projects2002Master thesis
Tekelmariam, HailayEvaluation of Smartphone Network Performance 2012
Tekkali, SudhakarReal-Time Software Vulnerabilities in Cloud Computing: Challenges and Mitigation Techniques2011
Telldén, ErikKorsten Town Local Economic Development in the Public Space 2010Master thesis

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