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Yujie, ShenFracture Analysis of the Working Part of an Impactor under Impact Loading2011Master thesis
Yukong, TheeraPerformance Evaluation of 2-Hop and 3-Hop Relay Network using DF, AF and DAF Relaying Protocols2012
Yun, FengFuzzy Clustering Analysis2010
Yun, YuDesign of a Novel Flat Array Antenna for Radio Communications2011
Yuqi, YaoBusiness Plan Design for Xinmade.com2012Master thesis
Yu, Jhang ShihOptimal Power Control in Cognitive Radio Networks with Fuzzy Logic2010
Yu, LanThe Compact City Form - Case Study of Shenzhen2011Master thesis
Yu, LiangQuality Driven Re-engineering Framework2013
Yu, QiongjieDoes family business mean family operation? The study of the relationship between ownership and managerial authority in the transition period of Chinese family business 2009Master thesis
Yu, YanjunThe Pros and Cons of Business Intuition in Strategic Decision Making2006Master thesis
Yves, HawaA Study of Fast Backprojection Algorithm for UWB SAR and a Comparison between Fast- and Global Backprojection2008
Yvonne, CeraoloVerksamhetsstyrning med fokus på intressenters och medarbetares betydelse - ett fundament för företagens varaktiga framgång?2012Bachelor thesis
Yücel, ErginStructural change in European border zone agglomerations: A comparative analysis between Copenhagen and Saarbrücken2008Master thesis



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