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Ginter, DavidaStrategic Values-Based Communication for Motivating Change towards Sustainability2013Master thesis
Gir, AlamAn Integration of policy and reputation based trust mechanisms 2011
Gislen, MikaelDysfunctional aspects of Software Development - An analysis of how lip-service, deception and organisational politics may side-track the result of well-intended methodologies2012Master thesis
Gissila, TibebuConnectors and Vibrations – Damages in Different Electrical Environments2013
Givon, MayaNature Inspired Guidelines to Effectively Communicate Sustainability Messages2010Master thesis
Gjertz, JohanSäkerställning av Kunddata i ett Distribuerat System 2005Master thesis
Glad, AndreasAutomated Live Migration of Virtual Machines2013
Glenne, JonasImproving Time Management in the PDA - A Design Suggestion2002Bachelor thesis
Gligui, ElliotGreen Marketing Potential as Assessed from Consumer's Purchasing Behaviors: The Case of Ghana2011Master thesis
Glimsjö, JennyLivstestamente - Ett problem för sjuksköterskor2007Bachelor thesis
Glingfors, ÅzaKänslomässiga behov hos patienter med cancer2006Bachelor thesis
Gläske, Monia Helga HanneloreCity Perception - A modification of the method of mental maps and its application to the centre of the city of Karlskrona2011Master thesis
Gnospelius, SaraXP ett stöd eller ett hinder?2004Bachelor thesis
Goetz, KordianDifferences between service- and product selling companies in defining their global and local strategies2014Master thesis
Goga, KreshnikAffärsmodellen kring ett Community2008Bachelor thesis
Goh, Chin FeiStock Investors’ Confidence on Low-Cost and Traditional Airlines in Asia During Financial Crisis 2007-2009: Evidence from Air Asia and Singapore Airlines2010Master thesis
Goh, SummerViral Marketing Communication - A study on consumer perception and consumer response2009Master thesis
Goh, Wan AiApplying Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Software Quality Assessment2010
Gojak, AzeminaUpplevelsen av kommunikation på arbetsplatsen - Formell/informell samt verbal/icke verbal kommunikation efter en omorganisation -2012Bachelor thesis
Gojkovic, LejlaNärvarandet i det vårdande mötet - en litteraturstudie2005Bachelor thesis
Golba, BenjaminDeferred rendering using Compute shaders2010Bachelor thesis
Goldsmith, SimonSocial Responsibility Guidelines & Sustainable Development: Integrating a Common Goal of a Sustainable Society2008Master thesis
Gombas, MorganMekaniserad Bandslipsmaskin2002Bachelor thesis
Gombas, SusanneAtt belysa hur anhöriga till patienter med cancer beskriver behov och känslor i mötet med sjuksköterskan2004Bachelor thesis
Gomér, Johan JohanssonNatura 2000- implementation and application in Sweden, Case study of Botniabanan and Tre Toppar2009Master thesis
Gomes, AndrigoMarket-Driven Requirements Engineering Process Model – MDREPM2007Master thesis
Gomes, TelmaTechnical and Vocational Education and Training in Support of Strategic Sustainable Development2011Master thesis
Gomez, Aldo Fabricio GutierrezMathematical Analysis of Financial Markets2006Master thesis
Gomez, ArturoDIM - A systematic and lightweight method for identifying dependencies between requirements2010
Gomez, EstebanDo managers that coach become better leaders? An exploration into the relationship between managerial coaching and leader development2012Master thesis

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