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Raza, Syed AqeelPerformance Evaluation of WiMAX2009
Raza, Syed TosifMobile Communication Technologies and Their Effects on Elderly, A Case Study of Diabetes type 2 Elderly 2010
Razzaq, AbdulKey Account Management Practices in Home Appliance Industry of Pakistan2007Master thesis
Razzaq, FahadPerformance Analysis of Channel Allocation Schemes in WiMAX2009
Rebecka, HerbertssonFörbättrad leveranssäkerhet av reservdelar från PVS till SDC-L 2012
Reda, RenasModel Driven Architecture - Test Metoder och Verktyg2006Master thesis
Reddy, Kiran Moses KatamAutomated Software Testing: A Study of the State of Practice2012
Reddy, NishuModelling and Simulation of a Resonant Converter2014
reddy, pasam raghavaModeling The Spread Malware In Computer Networks2009Master thesis
reddy, patlolla pradeepModeling The Spread Malware In Computer Networks2009Master thesis
Reddy, Vishwanath Reddy KeshiImage Retrieval Using a Combination of Keywords and Image Features2008Master thesis
Redjamand, KejvanStrategy of Mobile Communication System Providers in Cloud (Implementation of cloud in telecom by Ericsson)2012Master thesis
Redzovic, AdisKnowledge Management and Sharing Initiatives in Development Sector: Contribution in Effective Risk Management2011Master thesis
Refai, Rami ElMusikalisk gestaltning av Trudvang2014Bachelor thesis
Regestedt, MarieSkillnader i personlighet mellan människor med och människor utan missbruksproblematik.2002Bachelor thesis
Regmi, Saroj SharanNetwork Performance of HTML5 Web Application in Smartphone2011
Regnér, DannyLivskvalitét hos personer med multipel skleros - En litteraturöversikt2008Bachelor thesis
Rehman, Aftab UrInvestigation of Interworked IMS Architecture In Terms Of Traffic Security2009
Rehman, Ateeq UrSpectrum Sensing and Management in Cooperative Cognitive Radio2011
Rehman, Atiq UrIntra-Domain Statistical Quality of Service Routing2009
Rehman, Atti UrSpectrum Sensing Techniques for 2-hop Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks: Comparative Analysis2012
Rehman, DanishGrafisk formgivning - Östersjöfestivalen2009Bachelor thesis
Rehman, Habib UrPerformance Analysis and Comparison of Radio Propagation Models for Outdoor Environment in 4G LTE Network2013
Rehman, Kamran Khan & Masood urEmployees Resistance Towards Organizational Change2008Master thesis
Rehman, Sheikh Riaz UrInvestigation of different VPN Solutions2009Master thesis
REHMAN, SHOAIB URAnalysis of Black Hole Attack on MANETs Using Different MANET Routing Protocols 2010
Rehman, Tanzeel UrIslamic Microfinance "Monitoring of Profit & Loss Sharing Loans".2009Master thesis
Rehman, Zia urUsability Issues in Content Based Multimedia Computer Based Trainings 2009
Rehn, MarcusMain-memory database VS Traditional database2013Bachelor thesis

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