Model Driven Development and Decision Support – MD3S

This research profile will in co-production mode develop, disseminate, and integrate relevant, user-friendly and efficient support methods and tools for sustainable product-service system innovation into business leaders’, business developers’ and product developers’ working environments that enable and inspire industry to thrive in the changing global context.


Finansiär: KK-stiftelsenStatus: PågåendeForskningsområde: ProduktutvecklingKontaktperson: Tobias Larsson, tobias.larsson@bth.seLänk till projektsidan: 51 MSEKProjektpartner: Dynapac, GKN Aerospace, Roxtec, Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB, Volvo Cars, Volvo Construction Equipment

Manufacturing companies have traditionally focused their design and development activities on realizing the technical and engineered aspects of physical artifacts. The changed business climate during the twentieth century have forced industries to continuously innovate their approach toward the development of new products, where in the last decades the competition on the global market has driven manufacturing companies to reconsider the traditional concept of goods production and start delivering value based product-service offerings. Gaining competitive advantage and expanding market shares is not achievable purely through continuous technical improvements; rather, it is necessary to develop closer relationship to the customer to gain a deeper understanding of expectations, needs, and perceived value, while also acting on the global sustainability challenges and impacts that have a significant impact on our society and come with a set of risks and opportunities from a business perspective.

The vision is to be:

An internationally leading research environment and the first-hand choice of partners who want to lead the way to a sustainable society through competitive product-service systems.

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