Innovation @BTH Support

Innovation @BTH Support


BTH is and desires to be a strong institution focusing on knowledge and competence involving students, researchers and staff. The knowledge created and the insights gained often have strong potential for being applied and solving problems outside BTH.

The mission for Innovation @BTH Support is to help students, researches and staff to evolve their knowledge further and make it into an innovation. Hopefully this could spark the entrepreneurship in oneself.

We approach this through events where we provide tools for innovation, coaching sessions and general support through different channels. We are advocating innovation to be a part of the everyday life at BTH.

Process for Innovation

There are many ways to end up with an innovation and starting the entrepreneurial track, but still, there are some common steps.

The first step is to acknowledge the challenge or/and a need statement that your innovation might address.

When the need is established, your way of solving this problem should be described in an attractive way with clear value for the intended user or customer. Your innovation should be the best solution (from a number of perspectives) to the problem at hand.

This means that you have a market that would like to buy your product instead of your competitors’ option.

Supporting your initiatives

Innovation @BTH Support can provide you financial support, helpful services, coaching, connections and strategies. Our support is open for all students, staff and researchers connected to BTH.

Typical support that has been provided yet is:

  • Initial testing in small scale, prototyping and a first market approach
  • Legal support for setting up a co-owner agreement with the project parties settling Intellectual Property Rights
  • Support and coaching for patenting
  • Business development and coaching

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